Labour’s TFW continue to miss targets

Labour’s TFW continue to miss targets

The First Minister established the Commission to investigate sustainable ways to tackle
congestion on the M4 in South East Wales. This report sets out our final recommendations. Our work began with an analysis of traffic on the motorway. This led us to the three ‘fasttrack’ recommendations we put forward last December, each designed to improve M4 traffic flow.

There is an acute congestion problem on the M4 in South East Wales, particularly on the
approach to the Brynglas tunnels. The single biggest cause – by some margin – is the sheer traffic volume at peak times, especially associated with commuting. More on the link below


The Commission considered how to reduce congestion on the M4 in South East Wales.

The Commission has now completed its work on 26 November 2020 

Commenting on the news that the Labour Government plan to build five new railway stations to boost transport links between Wales and England and offer some relief to the traffic on the M4 around Newport, Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister, Natasha Asghar MS said:

Welsh Labour  investing £150 million on the M4 relief road that was scrapped 

“The original plans for the new stations were being discussed more than four years ago as an option to ease pressures on the M4. After investing £150 million on the M4 relief road that was scrapped shortly after and the rail plans still in the consultation phase, there has been no progress from Labour in easing the burden for commuters. The frustration they must be feeling is understandable.

“Whilst we welcome the extra stations, for it to take four years to get to this point is concerning. At a time when the service is poorly run, coming last in the recent Rail User Survey for customer satisfaction, while also missing their target of having 95% of all rail journeys operating by modern trains, set five years ago. Commuters in Wales are being consistently let down by Labour’s inaction.

“The Labour Government’s budget for the South Wales Metro alone has ballooned to more than £1billion and has faced lengthy delays, so how long will it take for the plans for these stations to come to fruition?”

Photograph https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-48798707

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