Welsh Labour allow hire vehicles and abandon cars to clog up Cwmbach TFW Car Park and Access Road

Welsh Labour allow hire vehicles and abandon cars to clog up Cwmbach TFW Car Park and Access Road

Residents have been complaining for months about the designated Cwmbach Transport for Wales Car park being used by a vehicle hire company to store vehicles but having visited the site today its not only vans that are stored on the site but several cars.

Most of the vehicles have a number of parking tickets on them yes not one but several tickets I am informed as Rhondda Cynon Taf Council own the car park enforcement officers from the council placed the tickets on the vehicles.

A local business representative informed me that it is not only the car park that vehicles are stored on but also the access road to the car park. The company’s that need this access road for deliveries and with vans allowed to be stored on the access road the large articulated lorries cannot gain access into units.

The question is how is this company allowed to get away with it and for so long with no recourse from the owners of the car park RCTC run by labour or Transport for Wales who commuters uses the car park Transport for Wales run by Welsh labour clearly they are not interested in getting the car park cleared of hire vehicles.

We were informed that this is not the only site the company uses to store its vehicles some in Mountain Ash a layby next to the jobcentre don’t know if this is correct perhaps the council can inform us?

What has the local labour councillor MS and MP done? This is an ongoing problem for commuters of Cwmbach and local business and it doesn’t look as if it’s going away soon, what type of hold do the company who the vehicles belong to have over the council?

Vehicles that have been abandoned on the roads, or on public or private land, can cause a significant nuisance to residents, visitors and others. Abandoned vehicles take up valuable parking space and are frequently unsightly.

Under the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978, it is the duty of the local authority to remove a vehicle that has been abandoned without lawful authority in the open air or on the highway; they have the power to immediately remove any vehicle.

Where the local authority has been able to identify an individual as having abandoned a vehicle contradictory to the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act, the local council can serve a fixed penalty notice of £200.

While the individual is subject to the fixed penalty notice, no criminal proceedings can be brought against them for 14 days. If they do not pay the notice, criminal proceedings can then be brought. A person who is subject to a criminal conviction for abandoning a vehicle will be liable for a maximum penalty of £2,500 or three months’ imprisonment, or in some cases both.

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