A petition calling for Labour to scrap 20mph reaches 173,408 signatures

A petition calling for Labour to scrap 20mph reaches 173,408 signatures

Commenting on the news that a Senedd petition calling for the Welsh Government to rescind and remove the 20mph law, has now passed 150,000 signatures, a Senedd petition record, Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister, Natasha Asghar MS said:

“For more than 150,000 people to sign a petition within such a short space of time highlights the extent of public outrage towards Labour’s disastrous policy. Labour and Plaid Cymru have refused to listen to public opinion and are continuing to wage their anti-worker, anti-road and anti-motorist agenda. Labour can still U-turn on this disastrous rollout and deliver what Wales wants by scrapping blanket 20mph zones across Wales.

“With little to no consultation from the public, the people of Wales are using this petition to send a clear message to Labour in Cardiff Bay – they have had enough of this socialist agenda and are tired of being dictated to.”

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The Welsh Government will be introducing blanket 20mph speed restrictions in built up areas in September 2023. 

Natasha Asghar

Further enforcement confusion over 20mph

Tuesday, 19 September, 2023

The GoSafe website outlines the enforcement threshold for 20mph blanket speed limits will be 10% plus 4mph, meaning drivers can travel up to 26mph before they will be prosecuted.

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