50,000 sign petition against Labour’s 20mph diktat

A petition calling for the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay to scrap its imposition of a blanket nationwide 20mph speed limit has received nearly 50,000 signatures.

According the government analysis, the new law will cost the Welsh economy £4.5bn and £32.5m to implement.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister Natasha Asghar MS said:

“I have been – and continue to be – inundated with emails from furious citizens across Wales and this petition only further highlights the strength of feeling out there about Labour’s plan to grind Wales to a halt – and that’s why I’ve signed it myself.

“This hated law will hit the Welsh economy for six and cost taxpayers a fortune, causing misery for drivers and failing to address congestion.

“It’s seems that with default 20mph speed limits, the road-building ban, and a rumoured congestion charge, the anti-car, anti-worker, anti-growth agenda of Labour will only get worse.”

It follows news that:

  • The amount of taxpayer money spent on 20mph roads in Wales has exploded by over 500% in just one year
  • Labour-run Monmouthshire County Council are to scrap the limits on two roads following congestion concerns;
  • Lee Waters resorted to criticising the “remarkably narrow sighted view” of Cardiff Bus after they expressed concerns over the effects of the 20mph limit on the viability of the business, which is a Council asset; and
  • New research has revealing that cutting speed limits on urban roads to 20mph does not significantly improve safety.
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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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