Domestic abuser jailed for three years, four months

Domestic abuser jailed for three years, four months

Domestic abuser Anthony Foley has been jailed for three years and four months.

In June, Foley, 44, punched his partner in the face and jabbed her with a kitchen knife after she refused to have sex with him.

The judge at Merthyr Crown Court described the behaviour as “appalling, violent, and brutal.”

Officers arrived a short time after Foley had left the property, he was subsequently arrested and in interview said he was using self-defence and denied making threats, punching his partner and using a knife.

But in court, Foley, a violent offender from Aberdare, pleaded guilty to charges of actual bodily harm, assault by beating, criminal damage, theft and possession of an offensive weapon.

As well as his jail term, he will be subject to a restraining order upon release.

In an impact statement, the victim said the incident had precipitated a mental breakdown and added that she struggles to sleep, and whenever she closes her eyes she hears the defendant screaming at her like he did on the night in question.

The woman said she used to be a sociable person but all that has now changed, and she is unsure whether she or her family will ever get over what happened.

Investigating officer Constable Jon Baber said:

“Violence against women and girls is not tolerated in south Wales. Foley is a dangerous, violent offender who now has to endure the consequences of his abhorrent behaviour.

“I applaud the victim for her courage and bravery in reporting this incident to the police

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