An Aberdare man has been jailed for 30 weeks for assaulting his partner of 34 years.
Wayne Lewis, 56, of Penywaun, was jailed at Merthyr Crown Court on Thursday, 21st January, 2021.
The court also granted an application by South Wales Police for a restraining order which prevents him from seeing the victim for three years after his release.
His victim, a 51 year-old woman, suffered for a long time at the hands of Lewis.
She told the court how she lived in fear of him when he became aggressive after drinking alcohol, often turning up at her home to threaten her.
She contacted South Wales Police Police on 4th January, 2021 – her 999 call was made as she barricaded herself into a bedroom, fearing for her life after he turned up outside and smashed a window. Police arrived in minutes and arrested him.
Just five days before, he woke her at 6am, banging on her front door before entering via a back door. He slapped her and grabbed her by the throat, telling her he could kill her right there and then if he wanted to. With his victim crying and crouched in a chair, he hit her with the handle of a knife that he took from a kitchen drawer and then he threatened to stab himself.
He was charged with assault and criminal damage and went on to plead guilty to both offences.
DI Christopher Gray said: “For many years, the victim suffered at the hands of this man, and one call to the police put an end to that.
“We heard from the victim how her aggressor would assault her in ways that wouldn’t leave a mark. He would threaten to harm himself and make her believe she was at fault.
“These are all the hallmarks of a domestic abuse perpetrator – they are cunning and controlling and they play on the fear and the loyalty of their victims.
“The victim in this case no longer has to suffer and I hope that other victims out there – and there are many – can read this and understand that they too, do not have to suffer.”
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