Welsh pupils to have science lessons taken away

Welsh pupils to have science lessons taken away

In the news today, details of the new curriculum for Wales were outlined by the Labour Government’s Minster for Education, Jeremy Miles MS. Children in Wales will begin learning a new curriculum from 2025, seeing a major change is the removal of triple science from the curriculum, with pupils across Wales now only being able to do double science.

Commenting on the news, Welsh Conservative Shadow Education Minister, Laura Anne Jones MS said:

“The decision to strip triple science from the curriculum and continue with a two-tiered system is both illogical and baffling. Science lessons are vital to ensure that the next generation of Welsh pupils are well-prepared for a job market that will increasingly demand the skills and knowledge acquired from Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

“These curriculum changes will mean that the next generation of Welsh pupils will leave school underqualified for the future world of work, while their peers across the UK will leave school with superior science qualifications. As a result, Welsh students run the risk of being sidelined, as English and Scottish students surpass them in science qualifications.

“It is crucial that Labour does not steamroll these changes and instead listens to the concerns raised by science organisations, who have described the changes as ‘damaging’. Labour is about to let down the next generation of Welsh pupils with their obsession of being different to England for the sake of it. Science is the subject of the future, yet Labour wants to cast it aside.”

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