Labour refuses to listen to 20mph speed limits

Labour refuses to listen to 20mph speed limits

In the Senedd today, there will be a debate on a petition signed by over 21,000 people demanding the Labour Government does not push ahead with its disastrous plan to reduce the default speed limit on Wales’ roads from 30mph to 20mph.

Commenting on the petition, Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister, Natasha Asghar MS said:

“The people of Wales are clear, they don’t want default 20mph speed limits, but Labour won’t listen. They are being forced to accept this diktat from the Labour Government in Cardiff bay, and their concerns are being ignored.

“Those driving to work will suffer, those on buses will suffer, Labour does not care. The Labour Minister seems incapable of second-order thought, either he doesn’t understand the impact of his policies, or he simply does not care. Staggeringly, the Labour Government’s own explanatory memorandum to the 20mph speed limit bill says this policy will cost the Welsh economy a whopping £4.5bn.

“The popularity of this petition in such a short amount of time shows the distain from the Welsh public regarding this ludicrous policy. This is a policy that will impact people’s lives every day, making their journeys longer and more tedious. Labour must listen to the concerns of the people of Wales and scrap 20mph default speed limits.”

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