Weekend Road Closure – A465 Between Cefn Coed (A470 Junction) and Dowlais 30 June to 3 July 2023

Weekend Road Closure – A465 Between Cefn Coed (A470 Junction) and Dowlais 30 June to 3 July 2023

A full weekend closure of the A465 between Cefn Coed and Dowlais will take place from 20:00hrs on Friday 30 June until 06:00hrs on Monday 3 July 2023. This closure is needed for the demolition of the northside abutments at the location of the High Street and Taf Trail bridges at Cefn Coed.

Once the work starts, for safety reasons it must be completed over the weekend to ensure the A465 reopens on the Monday morning.

Noisy Shifts 

The work is likely to be loud, and we have worked with our subcontractor to develop a works plan to reduce noise as much as possible.  Mitigation measures will be implemented to reduce noise, with the work package split into ‘noisy’ and ‘less noisy’ shifts.

Noisy Shifts – Saturday and Sunday Days from 07:00 to 23:00.
These works will include the use of multiple excavators with breaker attachments to remove the northside abutments of High Street and Taf Trail bridges.  We will also be undertaking the movement of materials and lifting operations.

Less Noisy Shifts – Friday, Saturday (23:00 to 07:00) and Sunday (23:00 to 06:00)
These works will include the installation and removal of material used to protect the A465 road surface throughout the works.

We continue to engage and consult with local Environmental Health Officers throughout this process, to ensure Best Practical Means are applied and we will be monitoring the works closely throughout the weekend closure.

Despite our best efforts, due to the nature of the work it is likely that it will be disruptive, and we would like to thank residents in advance for their continued patience and support.
We are providing early notification of the work so that residents are aware of the planned works, in advance of the date.

Once this work is completed, we will begin the construction of the new bridges, which will be opened later this year.

Other work will also take place throughout the area to maximise the use of the closure time.
This will include work on the A465 to the east of Jones Street, where on Friday evening until around 23:00hrs planning will be undertaken, this can be noisy, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. This is an important part of the work to prepare to switch traffic onto a new section of temporary A465. This will open to traffic from 06:00hrs on Monday 3 July.

The following diversion will be in place: www.a465.org/CefnDowlaisDiversionPC

Should you have any queries regarding the work our public liaison team can be contacted either by email at A465enquiries@futurevalleysconstruction.com or by telephone at 07762 451850.

If you have any queries regarding these works, please contact our public liaison team by telephone 07762 451850 or email A465enquiries@futurevalleysconstruction.com.

You can also follow our social media channels and check out our website.  Click here for more information..

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