Mountain Ash is a bottleneck for commuters, yet the cross-valley scheme is said to be complete.

Mountain Ash is a bottleneck for commuters, yet the cross-valley scheme is said to be complete.

Regular followers of AberdareOnline will know we have been lobbying hard for this highway improvement on the A4059 for many years for the Southern Cross Valley Link to be constructed.

Council say it has now delivered upon its commitment

The Council said in a press statement that they have now delivered upon its commitment to deliver the multi-million pound Cross Valley Link Scheme, to vastly improve traffic flow in Mountain Ash, did the council achieve a vastly improve traffic flow or is the A4095 from Abercynon to Mountain Ash still have traffic queuing, construction of Southern Cross Valley Link has not vastly improved traffic flows.

RCTC knew the new road junction would not solve the problem of queuing traffic

I am one of the fortunate ones now who does not have to endure assembling at the daily bottleneck on the A4095 Abercynon to Mountain Ash at peak times that still transpires, was the Southern Cross Valley Link at an estimated cost of 5 million worth it? Yes, but for the one problem that the council were aware of before plans were drawn and well before construction started…

It was the leader of the council who said, any traffic lights along the A4059 are bad news 

Traffic lights are the main cause of traffic congestion in Mountain Ash

If traffic lights were the main cause of traffic congestion in Mountain Ash why did the council allow London consultants and WSP Glamorgan Consultancy Limited to develop the new infamous road junction with another set of traffic lights in the full knowledge that the traffic lights next to the old town hall were the prime cause of the bottleneck?

Do we need to ditch the traffic lights at the new junction and construct a large roundabout the priority left turn has helped but has not stopped the daily commuters’ slow drag from the Abercynon Roundabout?

The traffic lights next to the Mountain Ash Town Hall need to go, as do the traffic lights on the Old Mountain Ash Bridge, this is easily achievable and a necessity as described on December 15, 2016, in Mountain Ash Cross Valley Link a report by the Director of Highways and Streetcare Services in discussion with the relevant portfolio holder, Councillor Andrew Morgan

Mountain Ash Cross Valley Link Report

Policy NSA 20 includes specific references to the Mountain Ash Southern Cross Valley Link and the Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley Link. These road schemes are essential to improve accessibility for local residents to services and employment opportunities, improve the environment by removing vehicles from congested areas i.e. A4059 and B4275 and attract investment into the area.

Andrew Morgan has been the leader of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council since 28 May 2014 and this report was put to the cabinet in December 2016, was the leader of the council confused when he posted this reaction on social media on 28 October 2016?

No need for a Northern Bridge and the data supports that. I’m sure you don’t want £10 million wasted?

Andrew Morgan, Leader Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

Less than two months later the leader of the council receives a report from his Director of Highways on a way to improve the environment by removing vehicles from congested areas i.e. A4059 and B4275. So essentially any funding to construct the Northern Link would essentially improve congestion and improve the environment for the residents of Mountain Ash.

The Northern Link improvement

Work on the Northern Link had already started with the demolition of a number of properties in Commercial Street including The Junction Inn formerly the Constitutional Club, Clarke’s Dentist, with a caption of the RCT Council Photographic website Clarke’s 1980 Demolished for a new road that was never built and not forgetting the Empire Cinema. The demolition work was completed at the taxpayer’s expense, why start a project and then stop halfway it makes no sense.

Was the proposal to construct two roundabouts and a bridge, the first roundabout to be constructed at the A4059 road junction to Dyffryn Road this will make it easier for drivers to gain access to the north and south onto the A4059 and into the Town with Pelican crossings retained, another roundabout to be constructed on the B4275 opposite the Mountain Ash Inn and incorporate Duffryn Street road junction making the road junction easier for drivers to join the B4275.

The Old Mountain Ash Bridge

What about the old Mountain Ash Bridge, you may ask? Why don’t we make it a community space and make it pedestrianised? This would make a great venue for activities such as markets, theatre performances or a few tables and chairs to enjoy a coffee in the Sunshine. Support that with A new Pelican crossing on the B4275, the zebra crossing at Ffrwd Crescent would remain Ffrwd Crescent would remain one-way for access from A4095 and Cardiff Road. Access only into and out of Cardiff Road and Ffrwd Crescent will be the only drivers turning at the existing Town Hall junction. The new roundabout on the B4275 will help traffic flow through the Town and cut down pollution in Mountain Ash, let’s not forget that poorly planned highways lead to long traffic queues in all directions leading to more environmental pollution.


Why was the local Councillor thinking the Northern Link improvement would be a waste of money by helping improve access, improve traffic flows and reduce pollution?

The RCT Council didn’t think spending Millions on an unnecessary footbridge a vanity project was not a waste of money in Pontypridd and now plans are in place for a river plaza in Pontypridd costing millions the council don’t see this new project as a waste of money.

Once again the Cynon Valley Labour safe seats are denied a basic project of highway improvements that will improve the daily lives of thousands that travel on the A4095 through the traffic bottleneck that is causing preventable queuing traffic and pollution for not only residents of Mountain Ash. Let’s not forget the report of the Highways Director recommends the construction of the Northern Link so where do the council’s loyalties lie?

Over 20 years of mismanagement by the Welsh Labour Government

All major road-building projects in Wales are scrapped by Welsh Labour Government but then Welsh Labour politicians, including the first minister, voted for a Welsh Parliament motion criticising their own roads review.

A footnote

To assist with the traffic flowing on the A4059 at the Asda roundabout now there is an Aldi supermarket planning to go into the What Shop, constructing a left lane exit merging onto the B3275 there is ample room for this, it will help traffic flow north. With the two bus stops on the B3275, there is ample room for the construction of pull-in bus bays thus helping traffic flow on the B3275 as the traffic will increase with the introduction of a popular supermarket like Aldi.  

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