Eisteddfod Brifwyl competitions

Eisteddfod Brifwyl competitions

Today we announce our draft competitions program for #steddfod2023 . This program contains details of all the Brifwyl competitions throughout the week, with all the choral competitions set on the ‘traditional’ days in accordance with the program over recent years.

The hope is to stick to this programme, and we will check everything after May 1, the deadline for the stage competitions. Registration for stage competitions can be done here, https://2023.eisteddfod.cymru/

Entries for composition competitions must be made by 23:59 on Saturday 1 April, and the work upload portal will remain open until 17:30 on Tuesday 3 April.

Want more information? Send an email.

Today, we’re publishing our draft competitions program for #steddfod2023 , which includes details of all the competitions held during the festival, with all choral competitions held on the ‘traditional’ days.

We hope there will be very few changes to this draft program after the 1 May closing date. The registration process for stage competitions is open and available here, https://2023.eisteddfod.wales/

Registration for composition competitions closes at 23:59 on Saturday 1 April, with the uploading portal open until 17:30 on Tuesday 3 April.

Need more information? Send us an email.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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