At last Labour councillors speak out at the way Wales is being run from Cardiff Bay is it time for change?

At last Labour councillors speak out at the way Wales is being run from Cardiff Bay is it time for change?

Welsh Councillors accused the Welsh government of “cart-before-horse planning” for public transport

The money simply isn’t there to keep all the current services running 

Waters speaking about public transport MS Deputy Minister for Climate Change told the Senedd, the money simply isn’t there to keep all the current bus services running. But leave the car at home and use public transport this is the minister who said, ‘We don’t know what we’re doing on the economy‘ it would appear he doesn’t know what to do about public transport either.

It also throws doubt on his ability to understand the basics of commuting for office workers shoppers’ builders road hauliers van drivers and local council highway directors who designed local highway improvements, when he announced that the country has axed all major road-building projects including the axing of the Cynon Valley bypass.

Lee Waters, Not all bus services currently running in Wales will be funded by the Welsh government but we want everyone to feel confident, safe, and secure when using public transport

Is it time for Lee Waters to resign?


Labour Government called out by Labour councillors

Responding to the news story today that WLGA is concerned about Welsh Government cuts to bus services.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister, Natasha Asghar MS said:

“The Labour administration in Cardiff has failed to engage with communities across Wales, they have slashed bus services while grounding the country to a halt with a 20mph speed limit.

“Instead of funding vital bus services that local people rely on the Welsh Government has decided to spend £200 million on a failing airport. Labour appears to have forgotten that over two thirds of public transport journeys in Wales are by bus, not jets from Cardiff Airport.

“Alarm bells should be ringing in Cardiff as two Labour council leaders complain about the ‘tone’ the minister Lee Waters has taken at their discussions with him. The Labour Government must finally listen to local leaders; it cannot continue to rule with their vanity projects as their priorities.”

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