Labour Government in Cardiff Bay is failing the people of Wales.

When Welsh NHS leaders say – “There is a social care crisis”


Following a statement from the Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation saying the social care “sector is already in crisis”, Welsh Conservative Shadow Social Services Minister Gareth Davies MS said:

“There is a social care crisis. With NHS chiefs coming out like this demonstrates that the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay is failing the people of Wales.

“Social carers work incredibly hard to help the vulnerable, and the lack of leadership from ministers puts them both groups at risk.

When we have hospitals who can’t discharge healthy patients, leading to bed blocking, overcrowded A&Es, and slow ambulances, it is clear the crisis in social care is not contained, and is spreading.

“While it won’t solve everything, one thing that could be done is linking carers’ pay to NHS pay-scales at relatively little cost. The Labour Government said no before, but maybe now ministers will change their minds.”

The news comes six weeks after a Welsh NHS Confederation survey found all NHS Wales leaders surveyed agreed there is a crisis in the social care workforce, with a subsequent impact on patient care and safety.

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