Is it Labour against Labour or will it be the Labour Party first Cynon Valley Second

Is it Labour against Labour or will it be the Labour Party first Cynon Valley Second

The Devolved Welsh Government run by the Labour Party in Cardiff Bay has placed a block on improving Wales highway infrastructure including the Aberdare Bypass, The decitions that have been coming out of the Welsh Parliament in the last few years is sending a clear message that one section of the Labour Party in Wales do not want progress by deindustrialization and not want Wales to be a thriving economy and another other section want to improve transport links to encourage more growth. 

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council run by the Labour Party want to construct the extension to the Aberdare Bypass Cynon Gateway North and the Llanharan Bypass but the Labour Party in Cardiff Bay says no, so it’s Labour against Labour.

Back in October 2018 the Leader of the RCT Council Andrew Morgan commented on the projects and advised that these had all been referenced within the Council’s Strategic Plan and commented positively on the opportunities such projects would deliver for those accessing the County Borough. He added that highway infrastructure investment was invaluable to the County Borough allowing for the development of big and small schemes, which all have a dramatic effect on the transport infrastructure of the Authority.

Now we have another group of government The Cardiff Capital Region with a Cabinet of 10 members, and the Capital Region Transport Authority with 12 members, all Welsh Labour Party Members.

It was Welsh Labour Party in Welsh Parliament the Senedd who cut the highway infrastructure Labour members who run the Welsh Government, where are our MS and MP are they just in the job for photo opportunities or will they actually speak out about the cut to the Aberdare bypass by their Labour colleagues in the Senedd or will it be Party before people again? 

Our MS, MP and the other Labour administrators in Cynon Valley who have had a free ride in the Cynon Valleys’ safe Labour seats will essentially do something to get this project started.

The duelling of the Heads of The Valleys Road was done for a reason and the Cynon Gateway North is part of the overall plan for an integrated transport system.

A report to Rhondda Cynon Taf Council A465 Heads of the valley duelling system SECTIONS 5 AND 6 DOWLAIS TOP TO HIRWAUN

The scheme will improve road safety, reliability and travel times and includes extensive provision for active travel along the route. It is critical to the economic and social regeneration of the Heads of the Valleys area. Jacobs was the Welsh Government’s technical and procurement advisor for the scheme.

The Service Director, Highways and Transportation at RCTC updated the Cabinet on the progress related to the development and delivery of the major transportation project: Cynon Gateway North (Aberdare Bypass).

The Service Director stated that the Cynon Gateway North is an important link from the existing A4059 to the proposed duelling of the A465, which is a strategic highway. The Service Director explained that as well as being an important link, the Aberdare Bypass would provide economic stimulus to the region.

Members were referred to Section 3.3 of the report, where the transportation and regeneration benefits of the project were outlined and included:

·         Connectivity;

·         Reduced traffic at Llwydcoed;

·         Capacity and Resilience;

·         Improved journey times; and

·         Improved air quality.

A465 section 5 and 6: Croesbychan junction

Jacobs, we will build a new junction to replace the existing one. The junction and the road will be built mostly on embankment up to 42 ft (13m) high.

We will also build a viaduct over the Nant Melyn watercourse, which will carry the new A465. The existing Nant Melyn Viaduct will be used by Non-Motorized Users (NMUs) only.

Planning application submitted for the A465 Cynon Gateway North

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