A comment on Facebook from the Cynon Valley Party is the CVP waking up and starting to scrutinise the Labour controlled council at last?

How can you trust a council that constantly uses 'newspeak' and untruths?

"The Council’s investment to renew and future-proof its roads and footways continues through #RCTinvest in 2018/19. These carriageway resurfacing schemes in #Penrhiwceiber#Aberdare and #Llantrisant were completed recently".

We draw your attention to "investment" – the comms department of our local authority use this term a lot. That is probably because they are not accountants and do not know the difference between maintenance and investment (or perhaps they do and they just want the public to be tricked into thinking that there is a real investment ???).

Also. we draw your attention to the term "Future proofing". Does that mean that they have some magic crystal ball that can predict the future?

Please, #RCTInvest stop using public funds for propaganda and lies.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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