Welsh Government happy to keep throwing millions of £££££ of your money into the bottomless pit the cost taxpayer so far is £225 million and growing, Its only public money so who cares

Labour Government has no clue on Cardiff Airport



Following news that Wizz Air suddenly cancelled their routes from Cardiff Airport, the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies MS grilled the First Minister on his government’s plans for the failing airport.

Crucially, the Leader of the Opposition, wanted to know that the more than £225 million of taxpayers’ money spent on the airport wouldn’t be wasted, commenting on the exchange he said:

“I asked the First Minister directly to set out his plan for Cardiff Airport – and it’s clear that he hasn’t got one. Labour ministers have no idea how to revitalise Cardiff Airport which has been a financial black hole for hard working Welsh taxpayers.

“Since purchasing the airport in 2013, ministers have thrown £225 million at it – this money could have been spent on solving the Welsh A&E crisis. Instead we have fewer flights and falling passenger numbers.

“The First Minister didn’t even know that the airport failed to submit their accounts on time. As the owner of the airport, the First Minister must get his act together and file the accounts so that we can see the true picture of what the Welsh taxpayers are facing.”

During the questioning, Andrew raised the point that Cardiff Airport has failed to submit its accounts to Companies House, which were due on 31 December 2022.

In 2013, the Welsh Government bought the airport for £52 million however its value dropped to just £15 million in 2021. This is far below the value of £117 that was predicted in 2018 by the Cardiff Airport Chairman, Rodger Lewis.

To date, the airport has cost the taxpayer almost £225 million through a combination of investments, loans, subsidies and write-offs of Welsh Government loans.

Passenger numbers at Cardiff Airport have fallen by 53% since 2019, the latest year unaffected by pandemic restrictions. In contrast, Bristol airport has seen a reduction of 22%, Birmingham by 35% and Prestwick by 36%.

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