RCT Has Got a Brand-New Bag and its going to cost you the council taxpayer more in the future WHY?

Q         Will wear and tear of sacks be replaced?


A          The Council cannot accept responsibility for the wear and tear of green waste sacks.


When your bag is worn out you pay the council £3 for a replacement

If your bag is lost or stolen you pay the council £3 for a replacement


Each bag is 2 ½  size bigger than the plastic bags we use now, so how are elderly people able to lift them?


This is just another Labour con job to extract more money from residents what’s wrong with the system as it is?


I can accept the registration to pick up green waste but charging residents for bags is disgraceful and typical Labour taxing by stealth.


Our council tax goes up year on year and we pay extra for public services that were included in out council tax in the past, if your council can cut services they will, and charge you extra for the service they cut.


Labour lie and the problem is the majority of you believe them.


RCT Labour said, “Weekly Black Bag Collections

Unlike opposition controlled Councils, a Labour controlled RCT will commit to continue weekly black bag collections alongside its recycling measures.”


Do we have weekly black bag collections alongside its recycling measures?


RCT Labour said, “Zero Charges for Bulky Collections

If re-elected Labour will continue its policy of maintaining zero charges for bulky collections.”


Do the council provide free Bulky Collections?


Local elections on 5 May 2022 you get what you vote for.


Statement of Payments Made to Members of Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council 2018-2019




Rhondda Cynon Taf Council will soon be improving its current green/garden waste collections by rolling out a NEW reusable sack to collect all your green/garden waste.


From November 1st 2021, residents will need to be registered to receive a green/garden waste collection from the Council and will be given TWO FREE new green sacks.


Registering for the service will ensure that the teams are operating in the most efficient and effective way, whilst making the service fully automated and reducing their carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary journeys.  

The introduction of the new sustainable and reusable green sacks will see the Council reduce its overall plastic usage and ensure that the end green waste product will be the purest possible, leading to a higher grade of compost and in the future will ultimately create a true circular economy.

The new sacks are being rolled out during the start of fortnightly collections, when demand for the garden/green waste is lower. This is to ensure that residents have time to register and get familiar with the changes before the weekly collections resume in the busier Spring and Summer months (1st  March 2022).

Residents can register for the service quick and easily online at www.rctcbc.gov.uk/BrandNewBag. If you do not have access to online services you can call 01443 425001, between 08.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Registration opens from 8th September 2021. Residents will then receive their TWO FREE sacks to start green waste recycling.

Extra/replacement bags are available but will be subject to a £3 charge per bag.

If a resident consistently fails to put any green waste out for collection, they may be removed from the collection list and will need to re-register to continue to use the scheme.

The new sacks can be used for green waste, such as grass, cuttings, twigs cut to a manageable size and small vegetarian animal waste. The Council WON’T collect soil, rubble, clodges or wood as part of this collection. Animal waste should only include sawdust/hay and not other animal waste such as dog waste and cat litter. The sacks MUST NOT be overfilled.

Green/garden waste can still be taken to one the many Community Recycling Centres across Rhondda Cynon Taf, but from November 1st 2021, it MUST NOT be in a clear recycling bag and tipped loose in to the available container.

In 2020 the Council collected over 8,200 tonnes of green waste from residents – this equates to 2,739,000 full recycling bags being collected.  

Steve Owen, Service Director for Streetcare Services said:

“The changes to the green waste collection service will help reduce the Council’s carbon footprint and bring us closer to our goal of recycling 80% of all household waste by 2024/25. This small change will improve the quality of the recycling we produce and make a huge difference, ultimately leading us to a full circular economy. I hope that residents will join us to make a difference not just locally, but globally.

“The new improved service will now use the latest in-cab technology to improve collection routes and allow for an automated service.”

For further information please visit www.rctcbc.gov.uk/BrandNewBag, email recycling@rctcbc.gov.uk, call 01443 425001 or follow the Council on Facebook/Twitter.


Posted on 13/09/2021
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