Labour in Cardiff Bay waste more money on suing UK Government. Well its our money they keep on wasting again WHY?

It can be revealed that the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay have wasted tens of thousands of pounds on appealing a failed legal challenge against the elected UK Government.

£132,284 had been spent suing the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy concerning the Internal Market Act 2020 despite already losing the case when Labour ministers went to court. The legislation ensures a level playing field for business operations across the UK.

It has previously been exposed in a Welsh Conservative Freedom of Information request that £92,440 had been spent on the failed case, meaning the increase in funds being wasted is down to its appeal against the judgment.

That release showed Labour ministers spent £191,618 on three cases in the last five years against the United Kingdom’s elected government.

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies MS, who asked the question, said:

“In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis and a record-long NHS backlog, the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay considers spending public funds on failed legal claims against the elected government of the United Kingdom is a good use of time and money.

“This only serves to demonstrate that Mark Drakeford’s government is more interested in picking fights on issues outside his competency and fiddling with the constitution – as he is doing with his attempts to pack the Senedd with 36 more politicians – than getting on with the day job.

“With 1-in-4 people waiting over a year for NHS treatment – 62,000 of them for over two years – we know that the First Minister should be working ever hour to eliminate such waits rather than arguing in court against something so important to the United Kingdom.

“It is clear that Labour is more interested in its pet projects than delivering for the people of Wales on their priorities.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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