Drakeford’s political choice not to discuss nurses pay

The Leader of the Opposition accused the Labour First Minister of Wales of making a political choice not to talk to the Royal College of Nursing and other unions to prevent strike action over the coming weeks.

Andrew RT Davies MS asked Mark Drakeford why no new offer was made to striking workers given the powers the Labour Government has over NHS pay and working conditions, as well as tax.

The exchange comes after news of a man who had broken his hip was taken to hospital strapped to a plank in the back of a van after his granddaughter was told no ambulances were available.

Commenting afterwards, Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies MS said:

“Don’t let Labour ministers in Cardiff Bay pretend that this isn’t their own political choice.

“Nurses and ambulance workers in Scotland paused strike action when they sat down and received a different pay offer, so it is totally disingenuous for the First Minister to say there is nothing he can do and blame others for something that is entirely a devolved responsibility.

“If Mark Drakeford really wanted to improve the pay offer, he could use the tax levers he has at his fingertips. He could also discuss the working conditions of NHS staff.

“Let us not forget that Labour’s mismanagement of the NHS means NHS staff and patients have to deal with the longest treatment waiting lists, worst A&E waits, and slowest ambulance responses in Britain.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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