The 2016 income tax choice: Less take-home pay with Labour. More with Welsh Conservatives.

Welsh Conservatives – the Low Tax Party of Wales – have reaffirmed their commitment to income tax cuts, as Labour’s Welsh leader admits he would reduce take-home pay.


Speaking to the BBC’s ‘Wales Report’ programme (Wednesday December 2nd), Carwyn Jones said:

"I think in the future, what parties will have to look at is saying, we might look at increasing income tax but to pay for a specific thing".

Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies has disagreed with the comment and confirmed he is not one of those party leaders who ‘will have to look’ at an income tax rise.

Last week Plaid Leader Leanne Wood admitted she would use the new income tax powers in Wales to “maximise the amount of money in the budget to spend on public services.”

Mr Davies said:

“The Welsh Conservative position is clear: We are the Low Tax Party of Wales.

“There’s a clear choice next year: More income tax and less take-home pay with Labour and Plaid. Or less tax and more money in your pocket with Welsh Conservatives.

“That’s what Welsh families and businesses deserve and in the months ahead we will be campaigning for income tax cuts – not rises like Labour.

“We have already set out plans to work towards cuts in both the basic and aspirational rates – supporting every working person in Wales and encouraging businesses to grow.

“There is also huge potential to increase the tax base by introducing these cuts.

“Conservatives in government have taken over 160,000 people out of income tax altogether and provided cuts for a million more.

“A Welsh Conservative government would build on that success.”

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