Cynon Taf Community Housing Group launches Anti-Racist Pathway to ensure commitment to being an inclusive organisation

Responsible social landlord, Cynon Taf Community Housing Group (CTCHG), has launched its Anti-Racist Pathway as part of its commitment to become a more equitable, diverse and inclusive organisation, as well as ensuring that it values the lived experiences of its employees, tenants and communities.


CTCHG operates in some of the most deprived communities in Wales, with more than 1850 properties providing safe and warm homes that allows tenants to thrive, meaning it is well placed to respond to the challenges faced by individuals and communities in relation to discrimination and challenging racial inequality.


The Anti-Racist Pathway is part of the Tai Pawb Deeds Not Words Pledge, which CTCHG has supported since its launch in 2020. Two years later, the cost-of living crisis is disproportionately affecting minority ethnic households and will deepen racial inequality further.


The Pledge outlines:


  • Mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on Black, Asian or other minority ethnic staff and communities
  • Improve the ethnic diversity of staff and Board at all levels
  • Communicate and engage
  • Develop an inclusive culture


Kath Palmer, interim chief executive for Cynon Taf Community Housing Group said, “As a group, equality and human rights are central to our values, and we believe in the fair treatment of every person, especially those who are the most marginalised. We want to ensure that the culture of our organisation strives to be inclusive and to challenge inequality, discrimination and prejudice in whatever form.


“We are proud to be launching our Anti-Racist Pathway as part of our ongoing Deeds Not Words Pledge, especially as we want to ensure anti-oppression and anti-discrimination practice is being undertaken by our teams, as well as across the housing sector in Wales. It is vital that we continue to play our part in making Wales a prosperous place for everyone.”


Cynon Taf Community Housing Group have achieved the Tai Pawb Quality and Equality in Diversity accreditation and are undertaking their second-year review to maintain this award. Over the course of 2023, CTCHG will be looking to build more of the Pathway into its way of working, so that it becomes an embedded part of the organisational culture.


More information about the Anti-Racist Pathway can be found on the Cynon Taf Community Housing Group website here.

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