The winner Thursday by-election in the Abercynon was Voter Apathy

The winner Thursday by-election in the Abercynon was Voter Apathy

Some of you may know there was a by-election last Thursday in the Abercynon Ward most of you will not be interested in a by-election or any election in Wales what is the point when nothing ever changes as most of you say what’s the point of voting when Labour always get elected. Once again in Abercynon they did and if you look at the voting statistics the Labour won an outstanding victory coming in with a storming 520 votes that’s impressive as can be seen on the chart below, with Plaid Cymru dropping votes poling only acquiring 56 votes, Conservative getting 56 votes and the Green Party getting 18 votes.


Turnout for by-elections is almost always lower than for main local council elections, and MP and MS elections. But ever since the Abercynon 2012 election when the independent candidate Stuart Gregory lost his seat after 15 years Abercynon has become another safe Labour seat as can be seen from the victory on Thursday.



Compare the turnout for the local government elections results on 5 May 2022 for the Abercynon Ward.

FORD Craig      Welsh Conservative Party Candidate        154     

JENKINS Vicky            Propel: Not Politics As Usual          192     

LEWIS Rhys     Welsh Labour                                            918     

REES-JONES Marcia   Welsh Labour                                 851     

SKINNER Matt Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales              234


So who really were the winners of the election Labour with its majority of 520 votes? Unfortunately for Plaid, their vote was well down on the day, with people asking the question is Plaid Cymru really a genuine opposition party in its own right? Many people don’t think so it’s the party that says one thing and means another. How can Plaid be a credible party when the leader of Plaid said before the Senedd elections, he didn't want to do a deal with Labour? But as soon as a bit more power was dangled before him his party is snuggled back up in bed with Labour.  Labour pulling the strings and Plaid dancing as always keep the red party in power once again. Little wonder their vote was so low 176 fewer people voted for Plaid this time, after all a vote for Plaid is always a vote to keep Labour in control.


But the real winners for the Labour Party and what they rely on most is voter apathy, the unconcern of an individual who just could not care less how the council tax is spent, voter apathy means you don’t care how much Labour put up your council tax, but it keeps going up year on year and you just don’t care because you are not interested. You moan a bit when the bin is not emptied or dog fouling or your car hits a pothole, but our council is not only responsible for your leisure centres and libraries they have a key role in the way public transport is run local health services fire and police and many other services you use, this is what you are voting for that is if you ever bother to vote. 


Where is the democracy and fairness the reality is that Welsh voters just aren’t voting and your lack of interest in participating in political activities results in one party having a permanent majority with no opposition. Just like the Welsh Parliament, the Senedd where Welsh Labour has ruled unrestricted for over 20 years.

The Labour vote shown in red above was celebrated by labour followers and voters, but what about the area in black that is the area of the number of residents that were eligible to vote last Thursday, what's that telling us? The vote in an election affects everyone young and old alike. now the red line is not so prominent now Labour keeps in control by its loyal followers and it's enough to keep the Labour party in control of your life due to voter apathy. 

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council was formed in 1996 with Labour in control Plaid Cymru had control from May 1999 to 2004 with labour taking back control in May 2004 Labour has run your council for just over 17 years with no opposition.


If you don’t bother to vote don’t complain when your council tax increases cuts in public services lack of GPs poor state of public transport dog fouling litter etc. Only you can change the system because at the moment there is no opposition in our council or the Senedd. At the moment you have one choice Hobson’s choice.  


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