With higher fuel prices less ventilation less heat encourage more mould growth in your property

With higher fuel prices  less ventilation less heat encourage more mould growth in your property

Housing providers urged to tackle mould after toddler death



The number one cause of mould in homes in the UK today is under-heating.

You will get less mould if you keep your home warm, ventilate properly and minimise the amount of moisture you release into the air.

Heat and the Connection with Mould

It is not an appropriate way to handle a mould issue, as it does not actually remove the spores from the affected space. With that said, heat, humidity, and a damp, dark environment provide a perfect recipe for mould growth

Michael Gove has written to all providers of social housing warning that they must do more to improve the conditions of their housing stock after exposure to mould caused the death of a toddler.

The housing secretary’s letter said that ‘we must raise the bar dramatically on the quality of social housing available in the wake of the death of two-year-old Awaab Ishak.

Mr Gove said that the coroner’s report into Awaab’s death was ‘a litany of failure’ and that he expected housing providers to ‘read it in full and absorb its lessons.’

All social homes must meet the Decent Homes Standard, the housing secretary reminded providers, and if they don’t, then remedial work must be undertaken immediately.

‘In light of this case I expect you to go further than the letter of the Standard and have particular regard to damp and mould,’ Mr Gove wrote.

‘Damp and mould are not “lifestyle issues” as the Housing Ombudsman Service underscored last year. Where people complain about damp and mould, you must listen; where you find them, you must take prompt action. To keep tenants safe, you must not hide behind legal process.’


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