Almost 10 months behind schedule Maendy Place GP Surgery transfer today into the Cynon Linc

Almost 10 months behind schedule Maendy Place GP Surgery transfer today into the Cynon Linc

Maendy Place GP Surgery a branch surgery with reduced days and opening times unlike the Abercwmboi Medical Practice, Park Surgery is also just a branch surgery both were independent GP surgeries once but since merging with another GPs services have been cut. Hypothetically the watchdog for the public health in Rhondda Cynon Taf is Cwm Taf Morgannwg, Community Health Council who must be quite content to see a reduction in GP services in Cynon Valley as they have not objected to the practice by some of the companies that operate our GP services.


It is all part of Welsh Labour reducing NHS services in Cynon Valley where once we had 2 hospitals now we have one with reduced services and just a Minor Injuries Unit at Mountain Ash the unit is only open three mornings a week by appointment only, little wonder A&E services are strained and ambulances are queuing making response times longer. Once Aberdare was to have a brand new Health Centre in response to the question the HEALTH BOARD RESPONSE WAS: 


The Health Board funded the recent full refurbishment of the Health Centre in Aberdare. Plans for a new site were not supported by Welsh Assembly Government at the time.


Cynon Valley residents just keep voting for a labour government, you keep voting for longer Welsh NHS waiting times, the Welsh Ambulance Service response times longer and a part-time Minor Injuries Unit residents who keep voting the same every election day have no one else to blame but themselves a safe labour seat breeds contempt for the public it is supposed to serve.


Today (Monday, August 15), Maendy Place GP Surgery, a branch of Abercwmboi Medical Practice, officially takes up ownership in the new Cynon Linc Community Hub in Aberdare.

The Cynon Linc Community Hub is a modern community centre that forms part of an overall network of services to support wellbeing for the communities of South Cynon.

GP Doctor Indu Nair said:  “Abercwmboi Medical Practice have been in discussion with the Cynon Linc project since 2018 regarding the relocation of our newly named Maendy Place GP Surgery within the new Cynon Linc Community Hub.

“The Hub, part of Age Connect Morgannwg, is a fantastic centre; it offers an extensive range of third sector and public health activities to support the local community, as well as a training centre.

“Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for their patience over this service development period.”

Sarah Bradley, Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB’s Assistant Director for Primary Care added:  “Our Health Board is excited to be able to partner with Cynon Linc to secure this important development for the communities of South Cynon. 

“This new location, within the Cynon Linc Community Hub, will significantly enhance the primary care arrangements for the communities of Mountain Ash and Aberdare; bringing together our GPs and practitioners with other healthcare professionals to support the health and wellbeing of our patients.

“We encourage people to let us know what they think of their new GP facility.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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