Welsh Labour’s policies a blueprint for Keir Starmer

Welsh Labour’s policies a blueprint for Keir Starmer

Responding to the news that Keir Starmer is planning on renationalising the rail network, Natasha Asghar MS, Shadow Transport Minister, said:

“Starmer u-turned on saying he would use Wales as a blueprint, yet here we can clearly see Mark Drakeford’s Corbynista plan in action.

“With Welsh Labour’s nationalised Transport for Wales coming last in customer satisfaction out of all UK operators and one million minutes of delays on their services last year alone, people across the UK will rightly be nervous about Starmer’s latest plans.

“If Labour wins the next general election, we will see far more of Wales’ disastrous policies become a reality across the UK. You simply cannot trust Labour.”

Taken from Twitter X Labour in control of the railways in Wales

Just 2 coaches for the busy 4.44 Manchester to Llandudno service again from

@tfwrail. Packed to standing before even getting to Oxford Road. This just isn’t good enough. If you can’t be bothered to deploy resources correctly why not yield the franchise to someone who will?

@tfwrail with no services in Cardiff on a Sunday? They’re hopeless & don’t turn up as timetabled half the time, meaning connected tickets on @GWRHelp then aren’t valid for onward services – and you miss your work appointments in London. Fail. Avoid at all costs. Ta.

@tfwrail 2 dangerously squished carriages on the Mancs Airport to Llandudno tonight again sadly means a return to typically rubbish form for Transport for Wales. Passengers have been promised more carriages on this run for years now. Paying over the odds for an unsafe experience

Hi getting really confused as i’m not getting messages through that all trains from Cardiff Central to Treherbert are cancelled? So are there buses from Cardiff now? Thanks

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