Is safety a priority for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council?

Is safety a priority for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council?


Is safety a priority for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council? Providing you with information is not a priority.

The local Labour-run council have not provided you the residents with the location of dangerous coal tips in your community, think back to when they were all panicking when the Tylorstown was hit by a landslip in February 2020 residents were concerned then and wanted answers on other dangerous tips that might be near them.

The question is why is this council so secretive on such an important matter? What are they hiding?  Why didn't the council want a Public Inquiry into the flooding?


There are councillors around every corner at the moment it's voting time and all the previous councillors want to keep their money rolling in, but where has your councillor been for the last 5 years besides on odd photo opportunity? Just how many councillors are relying on your vote to pay their mortgage no wonder they are out in force?


Is safety a priority, in Aberaman North now after May the 5 combined with Aberaman South will it improve don’t hold your breath? The Labour councillors who cannot even get a local culvert cleaned out; allow a retaining wall to fall over into a watercourse from lack of maintenances a pedestrian crossing to be broken for months but please keep voting for us we are working hard for your community.  


 Is safety a priority, There are 3 Labour councillors in Aberdare West and 2 in Aberdare South and between them, they are capable of allowing their council to close the Public Right of Way in Trecynon for 33 months.

The council allowed the Iron Bridge in Trecynon to deteriorate and weaken due to a lack of maintenance repairs to the bridge were in place in 2018 but were never carried out, but when Storm Dennis hit on the 13 Feb 2020 because the earlier repairs were not carried out even more damage transpired to an already weekend structure.


We have had one of the driest April on record repairs are required to stonework at the base of the bridge abutments there are a number of large stones missing from the lower parts of the abutments. Why hasn’t this extensive remedial work not been completed in preparation to receive the bridge structure and reopen the public right of way?


Is safety a priority, The Iron Bridge is the safest way at this point to cross the busy A465 but who cares about safety?


It appears there is no urgency to achieve reinstating of the bridge unlike the M&S Bridge in Pontypridd.


Another public right of way that has been systematically blocked for years and will be blocked again, the path at the Ynys Aberdare also forms part of the National Cycle Network it is an embarrassment to the council if this council can get embarrassed, but no long term solution to prevent this for happening, the local Labour councillors responsible for the area seem unconcerned but will be happy to keep representing the public in Aberdare South with the continuing decline in Aberdare Town, the antisocial behaviour in the town and the boy racers.


This is a local election with local issues, are you happy paying more council tax for fewer services? When was your street cleaned last not the guy with a mechanical sweeper driving up and down in the middle of the street just to fill in a form? There are many issues that concern many residents just think before you vote this time.

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