Quality of life has barely improved under Labour?

Quality of life for residents in many parts of Wales has barely improved under successive Labour Governments over the last two decades.

Since Labour started running the show in Wales, council tax has shot up by nearly 200% – adding £900 to the average household bill.

That is a result of the historic underfunding of councils from successive Labour Governments in Cardiff Bay, practically forcing councils to increase taxes.

And Labour ministers have recently failed to ease the burden on residents across the country who are facing severe cost-of-living pressures.

Instead of using their devolved levers to support hardworking families and keep money in residents’ pockets, they have chosen to point the finger of blame at Westminster instead.

The Welsh Conservatives have gone into the local elections with a clear plan to deliver stronger and safer communities across Wales.

We want to stop power being trapped in Cardiff Bay or in expensive and unknown quangos and restore it to local people, trusting them to take the lead on where new housing and services should be built.

Rejuvenating high streets and town centres, ensuring investment in roads, repairing pavements, and making sure bins are collected will also be some of the top priorities for Welsh Conservative-run councils.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Local Government, Sam Rowlands MS, who will be leading the debate, said:

“Residents all across Wales are paying the price in all aspects of society because of Labour’s ever-growing catalogue of mistakes and quality of life for many has barely improved.

“We are faced with cash-starved councils, a stalling economy, spiralling waiting lists and the chronic underfunding of schools have left generations without the ability to aspire and live a fulfilled life.

“And the blame lies squarely at the feet of Labour ministers – both past and present – and their nationalist helpers in Plaid who have sat idly by and failed to act as the problems escalated.

“On May 5th residents across Wales have a clear choice to make. It is either years of more failure from Labour and Plaid, or time for meaningful change to build stronger and safer communities with the Welsh Conservatives.

“We will help businesses thrive and create jobs for local people, restore pride in our towns and villages, empower local communities and tackle blights on our communities. It is time for change.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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