Who owns the Cwmbach OAP hall? And why is it up for sale?

Below taken from Facebook
Just re-posting this as councillor Jeff Elliott had deleted it yesterday because he did not think it ok that I asked who was on the committee for the OAP Hall.
The questions I asked were
1. Does anyone know who is on the committee at the OAP hall?
2. If they are privately owned (as a committee too which is weird) why is there no record of business rates, not on companies house or the charity commission? At least I can’t find them
3) If they are privately owned or even not for profit, how have they had grants that people have mentioned?
4) Why is it taking so long to arrange a public meeting?
5) How come councillor Elliott doesn’t know anyone from the scouts/brownies etc when he’s been our councillor for 8 odd years?
Thank you and a few others for bringing the issue of the Lambeth and the OAP hall to the publics attention
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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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