Labour must focus on tasks at hand rather than four-day working week pet project

Labour ministers in Cardiff Bay have been urged not to go ahead with a four-day working week trial by the Welsh Conservatives.

Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe, has called on the Labour administration to carry out pilot schemes across different sectors.

But the Welsh Conservatives have warned a four-day working week could create a two-tier society and has urged Labour ministers to ignore the commissioner’s calls.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Social Partnership, Joel James MS, said:

“We run the risk of creating a two tier society if a four-day working week is introduced in Wales with public sector workers benefiting and others forced to pick up the slack.

“Labour and their coalition pals in Plaid Cymru should be focused on clamping down on Wales’ high levels of child poverty, tackling NHS backlogs and getting our economy fired up again, rather than looking at a four-day working week.

“It is vital ministers confirm the four-day working week idea is a non-starter and get back to the mammoth tasks at hand.”


Cancer failings must be sorted – Russell George MS

Last week, I led a Senedd debate on cancer services in Wales.

I felt this was an important conversation for the nation’s representatives to have as cancer can often get lost in all the talk about coronavirus, emergency care, and elective treatment.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

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