Welsh Labour would rather spend on vanity projects. £100 million to expand the Senedd than spend more on education

Time for Labour to take responsibility for Wales’ education system

Education Minister, Jeremy Miles has accepted the 5% uplift for teachers’ pay, recommended by the Welsh Pay Review Body. He complained, however, that the UK Government has not made additional funding available to pay teachers more.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Education Minister, Laura Anne Jones MS said:

“Jeremy Miles’ insistence on passing the buck at every turn when it comes to Wales’ education has grown tiresome. With education devolved for nearly 25 years and the levers of power firmly in Labour’s grasp, the Minister has no one to blame here but himself.

“Labour constantly complain of a lack of funds, but have proceeded to waste taxpayers’ money on their vanity projects. £100 million to expand the Senedd, almost £200 million on cancelled road projects and £20 million on their Universal Basic Income scheme to name a few.

“And let’s not forget for every pupil in Wales, there is actually a funding deficit of £1,000 as pupils should be receiving an additional 20% than their counterparts across the border.

“It is time Labour finally take responsibility, they have been running the education system for a quarter of a century.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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