Labour and Plaid coalition poses great threat to Mid Wales residents and businesses

Labour and Plaid Cymru’s coalition deal poses a great threat to the people and economy of Mid Wales, the Welsh Conservatives have warned.

The party is fearful that a string of planned policies – such as a tourism tax and creating a national construction company – will hit residents and businesses hard.

Labour’s Mark Drakeford and Plaid’s Adam Cymru officially signed off on the coalition at Cathays Park in Cardiff today (Dec 1).

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Mid Wales and MS for Brecon and Radnorshire, James Evans MS, said:

“This coalition between the nationalists and the socialists spells disaster for the economy and people of Mid Wales – there’s no doubt about it.

“Creating a national construction company poses a huge threat to our hardworking local small firms and a tourism tax could prove to be a devastating blow.

“Tourism is the backbone of Mid Wales’ economy and provides thousands of people with jobs so we should be doing all we can to help it bounce back after the pandemic, not looking to hamper the industry’s recovery.

“And all of that is on top of Labour’s nonsensical phosphate rules which are stopping much-needed new homes from being built in the area.

“Funnily enough, Plaid had stood with us in opposing them, but since jumping into bed with Labour have suddenly changed their mind.

“This coalition doesn’t work for Mid Wales – or the rest of the country for that matter – as 22 years of left-wing government in Cardiff Bay has shown in the state of our public services and economy.

“Our country deserves better and our government should be focused on issues that matter most to people and businesses across Wales, not more politicians or constitutional reform.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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