Plaid Cymru leader must apologise for dragging politics into the gutter

Calls have been made for Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price to issue an apology after describing the UK Conservative Government in Westminster as “the common enemy” after making hypocritical comments about farmers.

Price’s comments came after he wrongly accused the Conservative Party of betraying Welsh farmers – when his party last week turned its back on rural communities by joining in coalition with Labour, in a move that will continue to see the imposition of a Wales-wide Nitrate Vulnerable Zone.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Equalities and Deputy Chief Whip, Altaf Hussain MS, said:

“At a time when the country is trying to pull together to recover from Covid, the last thing we need is the leader of Plaid Cymru describing people as the “common enemy” and yelling insults.

“We need to make politics better, not drag it into the gutter, and this language especially in light of the tragic murder of Sir David Amess has absolutely no place in our Senedd.

“Adam Price should remember that more people voted Welsh Conservative in May and in the 2019 general election than for his party by a significant margin.

“Whilst he might have given up on scrutinising the Labour Government at First Minister’s Questions, let’s hope he finds time to reconsider these remarks and apologise.”

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, Samuel Kurtz MS, added:

“Plaid Cymru’s U-turn on NVZ policy clearly shows Adam Price was ready and willing to sell out our farmers to cosy up to Labour ministers instead.

“His attack towards us at First Minister’s Questions was nothing more than a smoke screen to try and distract rural Plaid voters from the reality of the situation; they have been thrown under the bus.

“It is clear now that within this Senedd, the Welsh Conservatives are the only party standing up for Wales’ hardworking farmers and offering opposition to damaging Welsh Labour policies.”


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