Transport for Wales need to get a grip on overcrowding after shocking services

Bosses at Transport for Wales have been criticised by the Welsh Conservatives after two shocking incidents of overcrowding.

The Labour Government-owned body ran a service between Cardiff and Manchester with just two carriages, forcing passengers to sit on the floor or stand.

One passenger said he had to help a blind woman step over people on the floor and another woman was too scared to have a drink because she was worried she wouldn’t be able to get through the crammed carriage to the toilet.

On Saturday, thousands headed to Cardiff as Wales took on Belarus in a World Cup qualifier with trains heading out of the city after the match packed to the rafters.

It comes just weeks after similar scenes unfolded following one of Wales’ autumn international matches at the Principality Stadium, which prompted the Welsh Conservatives to call for more action from Labour ministers and transport bosses.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport, Natasha Asghar MS, said:

 “Sadly, Labour ministers and bosses at Transport for Wales haven’t learnt any lessons and when I raised it, the blame was placed on the UK Government. It’s about time the Welsh Government took responsibility for Welsh issues like this.

“Overcrowding on trains is becoming more frequent, but yet nothing changes, despite these games being in the sporting diary months in advance.

“Despite us calling for more carriages to be put on following overcrowding after a Wales rugby match, staff at the Labour government-owned body are just closing their eyes and hoping the problem goes away.

“They must stop ignoring this serious issue and take action to finally get a grip on it because Welsh passengers deserve so much better than the service they are currently experiencing.”

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