Transport for Wales overcrowding continues lack of face coverings appear to be excepted

Passengers were crammed onto trains yet again following the rugby in Cardiff – despite Transport for Wales chiefs insisting they had learnt their lessons following similar incidents recently.

Nearly 70,000 people were in the Principality Stadium on Saturday evening watching Wales take on Australia, with more watching from the city’s pubs.

But one passenger, who headed to Cardiff Central Station after the match, said the 8.30pm train to Rhymney had just two carriages – despite the inevitable rush.

Many passengers said they felt unsafe, claustrophobic and anxious with one 12-year-old boy “visibly overwhelmed” with the experience.

Welsh Conservatives have long called for the Labour Government-owned Transport for Wales to take urgent action to clampdown on overcrowding.

And the party ramped up its calls following shocking incidents in the last few weeks, including one which forced a blind woman to step over people.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport, Natasha Asghar MS, said:

“Despite bosses at Transport for Wales saying only last week that they’ve learnt lessons about overcrowding, it is abundantly clear that was not true.

“Yet again passengers were herded onto trains like cattle over the weekend with the overcrowding so bad that many were pressed up against each other and windows.

“I am sick and tired of pushing Labour ministers and Transport for Wales to take action to tackle overcrowding. It is high time bosses just do the right thing for their customers and run more carriages, especially when big events are happening.

“Passengers deserve to travel comfortable and feel safe at all times, but sadly at the moment Labour and Transport for Wales are letting them down big time.”

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