Every day, police officers and staff go above and beyond to provide an excellent service to our communities, often putting themselves in harm’s way to serve others

Here are the stories of some of those who were recognised in our latest set of Chief Constable’s Commendations:
Detective Constable Vincent Jones
Over 18 months DC Jones conducted a thorough investigation into a historic sexual assault, identifying further witnesses and lines of enquiry.
After a lengthy legal process the suspect was eventually found guilty of offences against multiple victims, and received a custodial sentence. During the legal process a further victim had come forward and DC Jones investigated this new allegation, which resulted in the suspect receiving a further custodial sentence.
DC Jones was the sole officer investigating all allegations and displayed throughout the process a commitment to ensuring the victims received the justice they deserved.
PCSO Mido Moustafa
Leaving work, PCSO Moustafa spotted a male walking down the street with a large kitchen knife. He rang 999 to report the incident while keeping observations on the male. Seeing him enter a local shop, he followed on foot, clearing the area of any members of the public before entering the shop after him.
PCSO Moustafa could see that the male was irate and intoxicated and was still holding the knife. PCSO Moustafa identified himself and attempted to engage him in conversation before bravely tackling him to the ground where he was able to disarm and restrain him until armed police officers arrived.
PCSO Moustafa acted selflessly putting the safety of the public before himself and ensured that the incident came to a safe conclusion. Nobody was hurt.
PC Clare Biddlecombe
PC Biddlecombe was off duty in her car with her daughter when she observed a driver driving erratically and going through a red light before pulling into a side street.
She followed the driver and observed him almost smash into a wall when she decided to intervene. The driver had stopped and PC Biddlecombe approached him, leaving her daughter in her car with instructions to dial 999 if it appeared the situation was escalating.
She was able to get hold of the driver’s car keys before he made off and she immediately gave chase on foot, taking her phone from her daughter to update the control room as to her location and description of the driver. Officers subsequently located and arrested him.
PCs Stacey Arndell, Morgan Jones and Leanne Taylor
PCs Arndell, Jones and Taylor attended the scene of a female who was neck deep in a cold and fast-flowing river swollen from recent heavy rainfall. Due to the location, the officers attended the nearest road and then had to run across a field and through a rough wooded area and tow paths to reach the river.
Finding the female clinging to the riverbank, PCs Arndell and Jones entered the water to keep her above the water level, while PC Taylor dived down the embankment and gripped hold of the female by her arms to stop her travelling back into the water. Between them the officers were able to extricate her from the river.
PC Owain Ap Gwyn
Student PC Ap Gwyn attended a report of concern for an at-risk male. PC Ap Gwyn and his tutor attended the home address and located the male, who was at risk of immediate harm.
PC Ap Gwyn initially maintained a distance as a negotiator was being contacted; however, after the male partially fell, but still being at risk, PC Ap Gwyn immediately approached him.
Without hesitation and at risk to himself, PC Ap Gwyn approached the male and was able to take hold of him. He kept hold of the male until other officers were able to help get him to safety.
PC Peter Hoole
PC Hoole was off duty when he came across a collapsed male whilst passing through a village in Powys. He immediately stopped at the scene to help those gathered around the unresponsive male.
Taking control of the situation, PC Hoole took over providing emergency first aid from others who had been trying to resuscitate the male. While giving chest compressions, PC Hoole gave instructions to bystanders that saw the road closed off to preserve the scene, limit the congestion on the roads approaching and maintain safety for all involved. CPR was carried out for 15 minutes before paramedics arrived, with PC Hoole continuing CPR whilst medical staff prepared their equipment. Colleagues from Dyfed-Powys Police officers also attended.
Despite the best efforts of PC Hoole and medical personnel, the male sadly died.
PCSO Stuart Lloyd
PCSO Lloyd was on patrol when he noticed smoke coming from a property. Access through the patio doors was impossible, with the heat and smoke being too intense to see anyone inside.
He was joined by a member of the public, who was able to push open a side door; the occupant grabbed his arm from inside. PCSO Lloyd put on his face mask and re-entered the address along with the member of the public.
The occupant was conscious, but she had suffered burns and had breathing difficulties. PCSO Lloyd and the member of the public made her as comfortable as possible and gave first aid until an ambulance arrived.
Sadly, despite their best efforts, the female died several days after the incident.
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