Corroded equipment unquestionably is pumping the best solution to the continuing problem of flooding at the Ynys?

Corroded equipment unquestionably is pumping the best solution to the continuing problem of flooding at the Ynys?

The company Samatrix Pumping Solutions who have had a contract with Rhondda Cynon Taf Council from November 2014 Samatrix limited was incorporated on 24 January 2001, but the company in its literature claim to having over 40+ years in the wastewater market Samatrix can offer you a turnkey solution to all your pumping needs.

Samatrix are proud to supply only the highest quality pumps from the best suppliers.  These pumping systems and treatment works are designed and installed by an experienced and approachable team who are supported by a knowledgeable support service – allowing Samatrix to offer a total package to your pumping needs.

The company’s literature also goes on to explain

We offer an initial survey to determine your needs. Complete in-house design and specification. High-level technical advice and support. Ongoing servicing & maintenance of your plant and a 24/7 emergency call out. So who in RCTC is not calling out the company when there is a problem?

This sounds like a competent company to have a contract with, a few questions need answers, the main question is and many will be asking the same why is footpath 160 a PROW is also part of the National Cycle Route, route 478 allowed to flood when Rhondda Cynon Taf Council have a contract with a capable company like Samatrix Pumping Solutions to prevent this from happening?

The company Samatrix Pumping Solutions have a 24/7 emergency call-out service, who in RCTC is responsible? AberdareOnline was informed it was the Highways Department who are now accountable for this section of footpath 160 because of all the problems with flooding over the years I am informed that Andrew Griffiths is Head of Highways and Engineering at Rhondda Cynon Taf Council he is responsible along with Group Director Nigel Wheeler.

Another question is the equipment; the company literature reads:

“When you sign up for the pump design, installation and maintenance package with Samatrix you can rest assured that each pump is uniquely chosen to fit your individual pumping station needs.”

So what’s going wrong in the Ynys are the pumps not fit for purpose? Is the contract with the company not adequate? If the pumps stop working for some reason no one from RCTC can be bothered to contact the company?

Local residents keep complaining of social media but should they have to with longstanding labour councillors in the wards whose residents mostly use the footpath Aberdare East 2 labour councillors Cwmbach 1 labour councillor and Aberaman North 2 labour councillors.

Samatrix Pumping Solutions were on site last week on the 16th April also in attendance were RCTC workers with a large water pump, but looking at the photographs of the corroded equipment unquestionably is pumping the best solution to the continuing problem of flooding at the Ynys? Taking into account oxidization and decomposition of parts and this is with an annual maintenance agreement, who knows what chemical compounds are mixed in with the floodwater to cause such corrosion was the Ynys part of a waste site in the past?

Either the council and Welsh Government will spend some serious money to solving the ongoing flooding problem or it will just roll on as before, you the residents vote the MP and MS and local councillors in they all know about the ongoing situation MS election on May 6 this year and local government election to select a new councillor on 5 May 2022

AberdareOnline received this back in 2014, has there been any new water pumps fitted since then I wonder? 

Freedom of Information Request in respect of the installation of new water pumps at Ynys Field, Aberdare.  The Authority’s response is as follows:

·         Cost of installation of the new water pumps was £4060.28 plus VAT. 


·         Works were undertaken by Samatrix Pumping Solutions. 


·         The Council contacted Samatrix Pumping Solutions to carry out the work, as they originally installed the system.


·         An Annual maintenance agreement has now been entered into with Samatrix from November 2014.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

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