Welsh Conservatives’ plan to level-up and modernise hospitals

The Welsh Conservatives have unveiled their ambitious plan to level-up and modernise hospitals and primary care facilities in Wales.

The £1-billion NHS Hospitals and Buildings Recovery Fund would usher in a new era for the NHS by ensuring hospitals have state of the art facilities to deliver world class care.

The fund would deliver five new and upgraded community hospitals in Flint, Llandrindod Wells, Newtown, Rhyl and West Wales.

Amanda Jenner, the Welsh Conservative Deputy Spokesperson for Health and Senedd candidate for Ceredigion, said:

“The whole country has been united in our appreciation for the diligence and sheer hard-work our Welsh NHS has carried out throughout the pandemic.

“Despite this, the pandemic also exposed just how badly our Welsh NHS has been treated by successive Labour governments over the last 22 years.

“Crucially, though, change is possible with the Welsh Conservatives. 

“Whilst Labour have underfunded our Welsh NHS by more than £500 million, we will put into law guaranteed increases and that the NHS will always be free at the point of use.

“Our recovery plan will reverse Labour’s mistakes by delivering new community hospitals which will ensure our gallant NHS staff have state of the art facilities to deliver world class care.”

Andrew RT Davies, who is the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Senedd, added:

“The fact that 1 in 5 people in Wales are stuck on a waiting list for treatment speaks for itself – and Labour have had ample opportunity to get a grip of this situation but have chosen not to.

“Our cherished NHS has been badly let down by Labour for far, far too long. 

“But our clear plan will build a more resilient NHS and get us back on track.

“Only the Welsh Conservatives have the vision to build a better Wales to create better hospitals.

"Only with your support on May 6th can we deliver the change our NHS so desperately needs."


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