Rhondda Cynon Taf Council imposes 20 mph speed limit in RCT is your street affected?

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

(Miscellaneous Town Centers in Rhondda Cynon Taf) Order (Experimental Speed ​​Limit) 2021


This was hereby notified that an Order was made by Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council, on 11 March 2021, under Sections 9 and 10 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, and its impact will be to experiment with the following for up to 18 months: –


1. Introduce a speed limit of 20mph on the parts of roads set out in Schedule 1.


This Order will be in force from 24 March 2021.


A copy of the relevant documents can be inspected online: www.rctcbc.gov.uk


Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council will consider in due course whether the provisions of the Order will remain in force indefinitely. Objections to the proposed scheme together with the reasons for making them, in writing, must be sent to the Traffic Manager, Sardis House, Sardis Road, Pontypridd CF37 1DU, or by email: services @rctcbc.gov.uk within Six months from 24 March 2021.


Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council can prevent and modify the Order or part of it, while it will be in force if it appears to be essential for the benefit of conveniently and safely move traffic or offer suitable and adequate parking provision. On the highway or for keeping or enhancing the amenities of the area any way the order runs through it.


Any person may apply to the High Court for purposes questioning the validity of the Order, or the validity of any provision within it, on the grounds that it is not in accordance with the powers under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or on the basis that ' n Compliance with a requirement in that Act or with an instrument made under this Order, if it wishes to do so. This must be done within six weeks after 24 March 2021.

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SCHEDULE 1 – 20 mph speed limit


Includes the roads below and their associated lanes in their entirety except where indicated


1. Ferndale


1 Albany Street

2 River Street (from Street to Point 34 meters northwest of Pine Street)

3 Ayrron Street

4 Beech Street

5 Nant Street 6 Brown Street

7 Bryngoleg Crescent

8 Brynheulog Terrace (from East Road to South East for 28 meters)

9 Bumryfryd Terrace

10 Brynteg Terrace

11 Church Street

12 Cross Street

13 Cross Lake Street

14 Darren Terrace

15 Dyffryn Street (A4233)

16 Eastern Road (A4233) (from Maes-y-Deri Terrace to the Deddwy East for 26 meters)

17th Street


19 Frederick Street

20 Graig Terrace

21 High Street (A4233)

22 Irfon Street

23 King Street 48 Tree Street

24 Lake Street 49 Woodville Street

25 Yehear street

26 Lake Crescent


28 New Street

29 North Road (A4233) (from Station Road to a point 72 meters west of Rhondda Road)

30 Oak Street

31 Maes-y-Deri Terrace (A4233) \ t

32 Park Road

33 Pine Street

34 lovely hill

35 Protheroe Street

36 Really Street

37 Rhondda Road

38 Rhondda Small Farm (northern part)

39 Farm Rhondda Fechan (southern part)

40 Rhondda Terrace

41 Rosser Street

42 Station Road (Frid to anonymous road leading to Coed-Glas Park)

43 The Lan (A4233)

44 The LAN

45 Tudor Street

46 Union Street

47 Anonymous Road to Maes-y-Deri Business Park

48 Tree Street

49 Woodville Street


2. Port

1 Field of America

2 Believed Street

3 Bryn Terrace

4 Brynheulog Terrace

5 Britannia Street

6 Nant Street

7 Charles Street

8 Coronation Terrace

9 Cross Street

10 Gold Derwen

11 Pompace Road


13 Edward Street

14 Eirw Road (B4278) \ t

15 Foundry Field

16 Glynfach Road from its junction with Pongle Road to its junction with Birch Street

17 Hannah Street 35 Maes-y-Coed Terrace

18 Jenkin Street 36 York Street

19 John Street

20 Llwyncelyn Road (B4278) \ t

21 Mary Street

22 Morgan Terrace

23 North Road (B4278) \ t

24 Penrhiwgyway Road

25 Porth Street

26 Pontypridd Road (B4278) \ t

27 River Terrace

28 School Street

29 Station Street


31 per square

32 anonymous road (off Porth Street behind Police Station) \ t

33 anonymous road leading to Llwyncelyn Industrial Estate

34 Western Taff Street


3. Talbot Green

1 Bronhal

2 Maes-y-Spring Clos

3 Cowbridge Road (from Talbot Square to the south-west for 22 meters and from Bengoll Road to the end of Bengoll)

4 Dan-y-rock crescent

5 Dan-Y-Graig Avenue

6 Dunraven Crescent

7 Ely Valley Road (from Talbot Road until the end of the Bengoll Road) \ t

8 Trem The Fair Roads

9 Sandhecking

10 Pines Slope Road

11 Forest Range Avenue

12 Forest Avenue

13 Law Road

14 Johnson Road

15 Miles Road

16 Clos Glanái

17 Glanái Park

18 Glanola Road

19 Field Bracken

20 pine court

21 Bryn y Fine

22 Talbot Square

23 Talbot Road (from Blue Park to Talbot Square)

24 Maes-y-Coed Road


4. Tonypandy

1 And Terrace

2 Ardwyn Terrace

3 Brynhyfryd

4 Bridge Street

5 Compton Road

6 Dunraven Street (north side of the internal mitigation road to De Winton Street and the southern side of the internal mitigation road to Tyle-Celyn Road including the leading parts


7 Ebenezer Road

8 Eleanor Street

9 Ely Street

10 Hay Road

11 Gilfach Road

12 Erw Las Avenue

13 Holborn Terrace

14 Inner Relief Road

15 Kenry Street (Gilfach Road to Hay Road)

16 Lower Dunraven Street

17 Park Place

18 Primrose Street (Gilfach Road to Hay Road)

19 River View

20 Trinity Street (Dunraven Street up to 12 meters south west of Eleanor Street)

21 Wern Road


5. Treorchy

1 Brook Street

2 Bute Street (Cardiff Street to High Street)

3 Clark Street

4 Dyfodwg Street

5 Herbert Street

6 Hermon Street northeast of 4 Taff Terrace)

7 High Street (Bute Street for Noise)

8 Howard Street

9 Illtyd Street

10 Rees Street

11 Regent Street

12 River Terrace (Cardiff Street to the end of the toll road)

13 Senghenydd Street

14 Station Road (High Street to a point 48 meters to the

15 Unnamed Roads (Located between 179/180 High Street)


6. Miskin, Pontyclun

1 Close the Pheasant

2 Beech Meadow Close

3 Brynamlwg

4 St David's Hill

5 Cil Hendy

6 Crystal Tree Avenue

7 Delfryn

8 Dol-y-Llan

9 Edwardian Way

10 Elm Park

11 Cefn-yr-Hendy Road

12 Georgian Road

13 Heol-y-Bryn

14 Heol-y-Coed

15 Hendy Road

16 Cefn-yr-Hendy Road, the main circular road in the housing estate including the four roundabouts

17 Lower Hendy Road

18 Hensol Road, from its junction with School Road to the southern boundary of 'Tregwilym'

19 Lane of the Breeze

20 Maes y Wennol

21 Manor Hill

22 Mill Stream

23 Miskin Crescent

24 New Mill Corner

25 New Mill Gardens

26 Maes-y-Deri

27 Pen Bryn Hendy

28 Pen Hendy

29 Rowan Lane

30 School Road, from its junction with the Miskin Road B4264 roundabout to its junction with Hensol Road

31 St David's Ridge

32 St David Street

33 Sovereign Gardens

34 Sycamore Close

35 The Woodland

36 The Chestnuts

37 The Avenue

38 Tudor Stables

39 Hendy Tyle

40 French Hazel Close

41 Windsor Avenue


Date 17 March 2021


Andrew Wilkins Director of Legal Services The Pavilions, Cambrian Old Park, CWM CLYDACH CF40 2XX


TM REF: 226071633-01

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