A ‘worrying lack of focus’ on job creation in Welsh Labour’s statement

Labour’s statement on Economic Resilience and Reconstruction Mission has a “… worrying lacking of focus on job creation, productivity, competitiveness, entrepreneurship”, said Russell George MS, the Shadow Minister for Economy, Transport and Mid Wales, adding:

“At a time when Welsh businesses and the Welsh economy need clarity, an aspirational timetable for a route out of this crisis, and a bit of leadership from the Labour Government, they’re let down again.

“The Minister refers in this grandly titled ‘mission’ to health and wellbeing, decarbonisation, the foundational economy, digital skills, rejuvenating town centres, and the green economy, but doesn’t detail how it aims to achieve advances or how it will improve the Welsh economy's productivity, competitiveness and job creation, and barely mentions entrepreneurship and support for start-ups.

“Last week, I announced that a Welsh Conservative government would re-establish the WDA to rebuild Wales. We can achieve this, whereas another Labour government would just dig us into a deeper economic hole devoid of ambition and hope.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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