Wise up and Stay. Bloody home.

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I'm still lucky enough to be able to go to work every day but I'm seeing and increasing amount of disturbing behaviour. Of course I understand that people are bored, cabin fever, stir crazy, but there are people EVERYWHERE. There are far too many cars on the roads, many with multiple occupants, driving about god knows where, I drive 40 miles a day and I haven't seen a Police car let alone been stopped, there are boy racers, bikers, cyclists, runners, walkers, absolutely everywhere. And lots are on long trips, you can tell because they're kitted up and red of face, carrying water bottles. There are simply to many people out and about, and it's getting worse every day. South Wales was like a ghost town, now it's like a Sunday. This is not safe, it's not in line with the guidelines and it's certainty not safe. And for us that are in contact with hundreds more people a day than we would like, this is not fair. Stay. Bloody home.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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