Cabinet Members to receive update on draft Corporate Plan

Cabinet will receive an update on the ongoing scrutiny and consultation of the Council’s draft Corporate Plan 2020-2024 (‘Making a Difference’), which provides a vision for Rhondda Cynon Taf over the next four years. 

An Officer report to the Cabinet meeting on Thursday, October 17, will ask Members to consider the draft Corporate Plan and the strategic priorities outlined. It follows the Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s consideration of the draft Plan during September 2019, where Members made a number of amendments and recommendations for consideration by the Cabinet.

The Corporate Plan sets the overall direction of the Council in the coming years – describing its vision, purpose and ambition. The proposed vision is:

“To be the best place in Wales to live, work and play, where people and businesses are independent, healthy and prosperous.”

The draft Plan proposes that, from 2020-2024, the Council is focused on three main priority areas – relating to People, Place and Prosperity:

“Ensuring People: are independent, healthy and successful.”

“Creating Places: where people are proud to live, work and play.”

“Enabling Prosperity: creating the opportunity for people and businesses to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and fulfil their potential and prosper.”

The report states that the draft Plan considers the continuing significant economic challenge faced by the wider public sector – however, it says the Cardiff Capital Region is one of the UK’s fastest-growing areas. In Rhondda Cynon Taf, this is seen in reduced unemployment, falling numbers of pupils eligible for free school meals, and more people on benefits moving into work.

It also highlights that the South Wales Metro is being delivered by 2023 – to have a significant and positive economic and social impact on communities.

The actions contained within the draft Corporate Plan will contribute to the Council’s wider commitment to delivering the Net Zero Carbon targets, as set out by the Committee on Climate Change.

At Thursday’s meeting,Cabinet could choose to use the draft Plan as a key aspect of the Council’s annual Budget consultation, scheduled to take place later this year. Feedback would then be received by Cabinet in March 2020. 

Councillor Andrew Morgan, Leader of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, said: “Cabinet Members will next week consider the Council’s Corporate Plan for 2020-2024, which is an important document that sets out the Local Authority’s direction. Over the last four years we have delivered on ‘The Way Forward’, which is the Council’s first Corporate Plan covering the period 2016-2020.

“Since 2016, almost £400m has been invested in the Council’s priority areas. These include £170m for 21st Century Schools, £85m for Highways and Transportation, £95m for regenerating Town Centres and community assets, and £15m on parks, play areas, leisure centres and outdoor sports facilities.

“The second Corporate Plan aims to build on what we have achieved so far, embracing a fast-changing world and being innovative in our delivery of services. We will aim to continue our good track record of careful long-term financial planning, given the difficult financial challenges we still face. Despite this challenge, Rhondda Cynon Taf has had the lowest cumulative increase in Council Tax across Wales over the last four years.

“The draft Plan is again ambitious and positive, focusing on People, Places and Prosperity. Having a clean and pleasant environment remains one of our highest priorities, alongside reducing our carbon footprint and responding to reducing financial resources, while continuing to provide the ability to invest in key infrastructure – particularly those which support the creation of economic development opportunities.

“A key foundation will continue to be the ability to access a good education and the creation of employment opportunities, now and for future generations.

“On Thursday, Cabinet will consider the Officer report and could choose to consult residents on the draft Plan alongside its annual Budget consultation.”

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