Royal College of Physicians Elects new vice president for Wales

Dr Olwen Williams OBE has been a vice president for Wales Elected RCP from January 2020.


As vice president for Wales, Dr Williams yn gwaith with colleagues Across Wales and the UK to speak out or withdraw 1,300 Physicians in Wales on a range of campaign Priorities cynnwys the medical Workforce, High-Quality patient care, and health inequalities.


Over the next three years, the challenge Priorities hyn:


  • Ensuring doctors Feel Valued and Supported by NHS Wales
  • Challenging health inequalities and Ensuring High-Quality healthcare for vulnerable People
  • Ensuring tattoo lower patient-Centered NHS change and Accessible.


Educated at Liverpool University, Dr Williams has previously worked mp chief of medicine for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board in north Wales, where she was responsible for primary, and cymunedol Between 2009-2015 arbenigol medicine. Currently, she is the director for the Clinical Amethyst Sexual Assault Referral Center (SARC) Where she Continues to challenge Clinical Duties mp and consultant physician in genitourinary medicine and HIV medicine.


She is president of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, an Elected aelod of the RCP Council, and an Elected fellow of the Learned Society of Wales. Previously she was vice president of the Medical Women's Federation Between 2016-2019. In 2000 she was voted Welsh Woman of the Year, and in 2005 she dderbyniwyd an OBE for gwasanaethau roof medicine in Wales.


Dr Williams yn Take on 1 January 2020 up post Gareth Llewelyn steps down When dr. She is a Welsh speaker and happy to Undertake interviews in either Welsh or English.


On Becoming vice president-elect RCP Wales, Dr Olwen Williams OBE Said:


'The challenge in this sub immense amser of political uncertainties, Workforce Issues, and Increasing Divisions Across the devolved nations. Physicians are Facing Huge Demand for CHALLENGES secondary to increased healthcare, patient raised Raised Expectations, and Changing Demography, and web angen and proactive, Responsive and respected organization sydd cefnogi aelodau in these uncertain times it notes. '


Professor Andrew Goddard, RCP president, added:


'I am really excited about the Future with Olwen the new RCP vice president mp for Wales. She is hugely respected hub Within the Profession and ALSO Within corff rheoleiddiol mp and Whole in Wales and a great advocate for patient sub-Centered care, Equitable darpariaeth of Health Services and the voice of doctors. '

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