Aberdare Park Paddling Pool restored to its former glory?

Aberdare Park Paddling Pool restored to its former glory?

RCT Council in 2014 closed Abercynon Gwernifor Lee Gardens Aberdare Cwmaman paddling pools Ynysybwl was never closed, Abercynon Gwernifor Lee Gardens have reopened thanks to volunteers a new school was built on the Cwmaman Pool site and the paddling pool was demolished Aberdare Park paddling pool is the only pool not to reopen in the Cynon Valley.


Walesonline reports on “Thursday 3 September 2015 a group of around 20 people have come together to try to get the Aberdare Pool reopened in the future, and have arranged a meeting at Trecynon Hall.”

“Trecynon resident John Dunne, one of the organisers, says the meeting is part of the “very, very early stages” of what is hoped to become a community-driven effort.

He said: “Basically, a group of local people have expressed interest in this – somebody tried to get it started a few months ago but couldn’t continue because of work commitments.”


Rhondda Cynon Taf Council closed all 12 paddling pools in RCT in 2014 maintaining they were short of funding and the BBC reports in the same year 23 April 2014 Work to start on transforming derelict Pontypridd lido. At a cost of £6.3million. In August 2015 the BBC report “Free swimming as revamped Pontypridd lido opens” convenient for RCT labour council offer free swimming before the local elections the following May.

Let us not forget that the labour guarantee Pontypridd Lido

“If re-elected Labour will work to secure the necessary funding from HLF and WEFO to deliver a new Lido facility. If successful with securing funding we will ensure that the facility becomes a regional tourism attraction. We will also ensure that the existing paddling pool facility is protected.”

A community poll backed keeping the Pontypridd pool by 2,077 to 151. So much for polls and consultations in RCT.

An Interview on ITV Wales news, Ann Crimmings is from RCT Council and she wants it restored to its former glory, the reporter said Ann we need to get cracking, in response the councillor said, we do, we need to be working with the friend's groups to get this (looking at the paddling pool) up and running, our past is so important to us for people of all ages and working with the friend's group we can ensure we keep them, top class.

 An Interview on ITV Wales news  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5O8zT-XLC8

Below some responses posted on AberdareOnline Facebook


If their raising money for a splash pad then they can’t use the money for the pool! That’s deception! They need to be clear about what their intentions are! Personally, I think a pool is better than a splash pad, restoration of the pool should be the priority! It’s disgusting that they let it go to ruin in the first place!


  • If they have a pool it will cost more as they have to hire lifeguards etc  splash pad easier don’t need lifeguards or maintaining basically saves them money
  • I get that lifeguards cost money! So maybe the council need to prioritise and stop wasting money on other things so that they can afford lifeguards! The trouble with this council is that they do everything arse backwards and
  • They aren’t going to do it as we all know they would rather the people of the town raise the money to do the splash pad saves them exactly! Yet they have the front to go on telly and act like they give a damn when they clearly don’t! Let’s also not forget that Ann crimmings was a major factor in trying to get the bylaw for dogs off leads in the park too! Like I said their own agenda and their own rules!
  • In all fairness they spend money on stuff and it gets vandalised. It costs more to maintain it than it does to keep it open through the summer. Now, if the council did restore it and kids or any person decided to throw glass or metal, or indeed any d
  • I brought this up going back last year with Andrew Morgan on Twitter. And in Andrew Morgan fashion he blocked me on Twitter. As he was down Ponty having his photo In front of a 3 million pound lido swimming pool.

 If they want it restored why isn’t the local council doing it then why are the public busting a gut to raise money to help pay for a splash pad its one or the other we all know it won't get restored!!

  • Open it back up, give it a try what is there to lose
  • Yes please! It's so sad to see it the way it is now 

Lee Gardens Pool volunteers have done an excellent job an example to all.



As for supplying lifeguards, Lee Gardens Pool volunteers have shown the way either they want the Aberdare Park Paddling Pool reopened or not?


The Aberdare Park Paddling Pool has been there since 1950 it is part of the heritage of Aberdare Park. 


£6.3 million for the Pontypridd lido £2 million for the Pontypridd footbridge but no money for RCT paddling pools.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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