Law Society calls for jurisdictional solution to accommodation of Welsh law – but without creating barriers to practise

The Welsh government should be proactive in developing a jurisdictional solution to the accommodation of Welsh law and the distinct needs of Wales without creating barriers for the operation of justice or the ability of practitioners to work across England and Wales, the Law Society has said.

In a submission to the Commission on Justice in Wales, Chancery Lane also recommended that:

  • a shared regulatory system should be maintained and developed to accommodate Welsh and English law and practice;
  • legal services need to be thought of as a critical service for the public good in the same way as other citizen-centric services;
  • the Welsh government should be proactive in pursuing policies that support rural businesses to flourish and invest in critical infrastructure.

The Commission was established by the Welsh government to review the operation of the legal and justice system in Wales and set a long-term vision for the future.

Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, former lord chief justice of England and Wales, chairs the Commission, which is reviewing and assessing all aspects of the law and practice in Wales.

The Law Society said it “attaches great importance in understanding and taking account of the distinctive needs of consumers, citizens and the profession in Wales.

“Recognising the distinctiveness of Wales has become more important in light of the growing body of law that is applicable only in Wales and the widening role played by the Welsh government in the delivery of justice in Wales.”


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