Business owner childcare and foster carer, a positive role model for a campaign for “Proud to be me ‘

Sian story

Sian chat with us about her journey through the care system, a system inspired her to become a foster carer and child care provider successful.

As part of the 'Proud to be me', he Sian, who participated in the child care system, chat with us about her journey through that system, telling us about how his experience in help her to create a successful business.

'Proud to be me' campaign is being led by Voices from Care, which began with a national awareness day, Day Care in 2019, on 15 February.

Sian has not been a trip through the care system always an easy one, he said.

"My parents were born hard of hearing. They said they separated when I was two years old, and my birth mother did meet very violent partner. I was abused physically, sexually and emotionally, and I was very badly neglected. I did not get my soaked for very long periods of time, meaning that I have to search for food in rubbish bins and steal food from lunchboxes. In school, I always get told off for bad behavior, but in reality, I was shouting for help. "

"One day, a teacher noticed bruises on my legs large, that was the beginning my journey to foster care. I was located over 20 times, and when I was 13 years old, they had run out of places to me 'give'. In the end, I was placed with the people I call my family there. The moment I walked into his home, I knew I belong there. "

"The support of my family has ever changed my life, and I will be forever grateful they .. Over the last ten years I've run a successful babysitting business, and two years ago, and I decided to bring my husband therapeutic foster carers , fulfilling a lifelong dream. "

Speaking about the Care Inspectorate, and the important role it plays, Sian said:

"As someone who runs a business in the sector which is regulated and inspected by DSS, I think it plays a vital role. It is important that people who are vulnerable in Wales organization that inspects and regulates the care they receive. Whether it is in the child care system, or an elderly person who is cared for at home, it's great that SSD will ensure they are well looked after. "

Commenting on the 'Proud to be me', said the Chief Inspector Gillian Baranski:

"This is a great opportunity to celebrate the success stories and role models for young people that looked after in Wales at present who have left the system in recent years."

"It's great that people like Sian actively supporting this campaign. I hope that his story encouragement and inspiration, and the other children will be looked after following her example wishes. "

Proud To Be Me 2019

Organized by Voices from Care, Proud to be a series of events sub me and campaigns Across Wales tattoo from AIM to the rights of care-Celebrate Experienced Children and Young People.

Proud to Be Me, an event Aims to Promote Positive messages tattoo and for care-ASPIRATIONS Experienced two young people from. Visit http://vfcc.org.uk/blog/for more information.

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