Entrepreneur and chief executive officer of a Welsh positive role model for Care Week Celebration 2018

Entrepreneur and chief executive officer of a Welsh positive role model for Care Week Celebration 2018

A motivational and career advice videos Aimee Bateman has received over 25 million hits on YouTube.

Aimee, who received care at an early age, has talked about his determination to be successful as part of Care Celebration Week, an initiative organized by Voices From Care Cymru, which began with a national awareness day, Day Care 2018 on February 16th.

Of the Welsh entrepreneur began her own business from scratch, but there was a teenage years always easily explained.

"Throughout my teenage years, I felt that people judge me quite a bit. People did not want their children to be friends with me because I'm living in care.

"Now, all my career designed to help other people to find a place to work where, for eight hours a day, they feel that they are seen, heard and appreciated . "

Began Aimee, 36, his YouTube channel in 2011, and began making videos in his living room at home.

His business, Careercake.com, has gone ahead to win prizes and be recognized globally, but she says that her earliest recollection was that determined to "live the life I created not the life I was given, "he said.

Speaking about the Care Inspectorate, said Aimee:

"I think it's important that people who are vulnerable in Wales organization that ensures that they receive the proper standard of care.

"Whether it's a child in the care system, or an old person who looked after in a care home, it is very important that their rights are promoted.

"It's good to know that they are an organization that works hard to make sure they are protected."

In commenting on Care Day Care Celebration Week and 2018, said Chief Inspector Gillian Baranski:

"This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the achievements and role models for young people in Wales receiving or have recently left care.

"We are here to inspect care services across Wales and we heard repeatedly about the positive stories, but they do not always receive the attention of the press.

"It's great that people like Aimee raised their voice as part of a week to offer Care Celebration words of encouragement and path to LAC aspire and pursue it."



Care Week Celebration 2018

A Celebration of Care in 2018 (16-23 February) is a week of events and campaigns from across Wales which aims to celebrate the rights of children and young people with experience of care organized by Voices from Care.

The celebration began with # CareDay18 and ends with Proud to Be Me, an event aimed at promoting positive messages and aspirations for young people with experience of care. Visit http://vfcc.org.uk/blog/ for more information.

Aimee Bateman

After a career in recruitment, in 2010 he founded a consultancy website Aimee Bateman's career itself, Careercake.com.

Talent and Innovation Award winner in Marketing Year 2013 Institute of Directors and Praise (Chartered Institute of Marketing Marketing), was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by Aimee of Cardiff Metropolitan University, for her contribution to careers.

Link: Speech TEDx Talk Aimee

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