‘Welsh Start-Up brings Google Jobs UK to Wales’ 17 July 2018

World renowned search giant Google has today launched its latest tool – a new job searching experience by partnering with job matching services to help users find their dream job at the press of a button.  Google Jobs UK will make it much easier for job seekers to find relevant job postings by speeding up searches and allowing users to search for terms like ‘jobs near me’ or even more specifically the jobs available near you by the type of job you are looking for.  


While the recruitment industry’s big hitters like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Total Jobs are geared up to take advantage of Google’s latest job matching search function, a small Welsh start-up has recognised the importance of this cutting-edge technology and one of the few companies in the UK set itself up to fully utilise the benefits of Googles latest.


Established in Swansea, Wales last year, Vitae Jobs, is a job matching website specialising in public sector roles with a focus on political and parliamentary jobs and is ready to secure the benefits of Google Jobs UK for its users.


‘One of the founding principles of Vitae Jobs is making it easier for job seekers to find the jobs they are looking for without having to trawl across the internet seeking out opportunities.  We offer a one stop hub for public sector jobs with ease of searchability being at the forefront of what we do”.


“Our research suggests job seekers are spending as little as 30 seconds interacting with certain job adverts, so we want people to find the jobs that are relevant to what they want with speed and ease’ said a spokesperson for Vitae Jobs.


‘When we became aware, that following its success in the US, Google would be bringing its job matching services to the UK we decided we needed to be a leader in terms of bringing this service to our users and modified our site in readiness.  We are delighted to be appearing in Googles new search experience from the outset and have already seen a 10% increase in visitors to our website’.


“We are already seeing more traffic coming to niche jobs sites from this traffic source than traditional Google Search” a spokesperson stated.


Google Jobs UK is building on Googles established success of making online experiences easy and seamless. It’s new service will allow job hunters to save jobs, set up email notifications so they never miss that important job opportunity and explore roles by being able to read company reviews, salary information and even the finer detail such as the length of the commute. 


Vitae Jobs is aiming to become the UK’s leading website for Public Sector Jobs, not only listing jobs but also providing support and advice to job seekers as well as employers on how to use the latest techniques for attracting quality candidates and maximising job advert reach.  For more information visit vitaejobs.co.uk

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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