MACS is extremely proud to announce that five of our pupils have won international scholarships this summer to three different countries!

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Through the British Exploring Society, Morgen Biggin (Y13) and Tyler Hope (Y12) will be exploring the Peruvian amazon jungle and the Yukon province of Canada. Through the WE Movement and Virgin Atlantic, Conor Acteson (Y13), Lowri Morgan (Y13) and Nicole Walker (Y10) will be visiting Rajasthan, India to help a local community by either building a school or sinking a well.

The British Exploring Society’s Ambassador programme is designed to give young people the opportunity to participate in expeditions in remote parts of the world. Mountain Ash Comprehensive is the first school in Wales to be designated as an ‘Ambassador School’ by the British Exploring Society and Morgen and Tyler will be the first ever Welsh ambassadors!

Whilst on the expeditions, the girls will work with other young people from across Britain and beyond to carry out scientific projects of their choice and will challenge themselves to the limit both physically and mentally in numerous activities.

Mr. Mead, Deputy Headteacher commented: “It is such an honour and a privilege to be working with the British Exploring Society to provide our pupils with this life-changing opportunity to develop the skills, resilience and drive to become well-rounded global citizens.”

On her scholarship to the Peruvian Amazon (above), Morgen Biggin commented: “To be given the opportunity to go on the trip of a life-time has been absolutely amazing. I am incredibly thankful to have been chosen and to be given the chance to go on an adventure, to explore the most biodiverse environment in the world!”

On her scholarship to the Yukon province of Canada (above), Tyler Hope commented: “I will treasure the experience of a complete lifestyle change. I am excited to think of what I will do and how it will open my eyes to the wider world. I have been offered a rare and beneficial opportunity!”


Through the WE Movement (empowering young people to make local and global changes), three of our pupils will be visiting Rajasthan, India. Conor Acteson, Lowri Morgan and Nicole Walker will take part in the ‘Virgin Atlantic – Be the Change’ scholarship program. They will be spending two and a half weeks helping a local community by either building a school or sinking a well.

As a result of pupils taking part in the RS departmental ‘First Give’ program last year (awarding £1980 to six local charities), our pupils were recognized by the International WE Movement. In March, thirty-six pupils visited Wembley Arena for the annual ‘We Day’ where they were treated to performances from pop stars as well as hearing motivational speeches from world-renowned speakers, including royalty!

Our pupils were then invited to apply to win a scholarship to India. Over three hundred pupils from across the UK applied for one of the thirty places available. MACS is honoured to have three pupils achieve success! The pupils are also the first ever Welsh pupils to be awarded these scholarships!


Conor Acteson commented: “I’m incredibly thankful for this amazing opportunity! I can’t wait to experience Indian culture, help a community in need and experience international charity work!”

Lowri Morgan commented: “This is such an amazing opportunity and I’m absolutely thrilled to be involved with the project! I can’t wait to help improve the lives of people in the community and be immersed in their culture.”

Nicole Walker commented: “I am really excited to take part in this fantastic opportunity to help others and make a difference!”

Mr. Church, Head of Religious Studies commented: “This really is a tremendous achievement by our pupils! It is testament to the pupils’ passion and hard work which they have voiced to make changes both locally and globally, as to why they have been successful in their applications. They will all truly experience a once in a lifetime opportunity which they will have cherished memories of for many years to come!”

Our five pupils are currently immersing themselves in various fundraising efforts. This is to help fund some additional costs of taking part in the various scholarships. If you are able to kindly offer our pupils any financial assistance, please contact Mr. Mead or Mr. Church on 01443 479199.

(Photograph below – Rajasthan, India)

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