On Wednesday March 6th, fifty-seven very excited pupils and staff attended WE Day UK 2019 at Wembley Arena, London. WE Day is a celebration of young people from across the UK who have made a difference in their local and global communities. It is a private event, attended by twelve-thousand pupils and teachers. Pupils cannot buy a ticket to WE Day, they have to earn it!

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Our pupils were attending as a result of their incredible work in July, when they promoted the work of ten local charities and raised money for them, through the inspiring ‘First Give’ programme undertaken in their Religious Studies lessons. Our pupils gave an incredible £5,400 to their chosen charities and earned their ticket to WE Day! WE charity is a children’s charity founded in 1995 by child’s rights advocates, brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger. Since 2007, WE Day participants in Canada, the US and UK have raised over forty-five million dollars, which has been given to more than one thousand charities! WE Day events take place in Canada, the US and London. WE day features a mixture of inspirational speakers, pupil participation, social media contributors, pop stars, A-list celebrities, world leaders and even royalty! It really is a once in a lifetime experience for all involved! Amongst others, MACS pupils heard speeches from Naomi Campbell, Nikki Christou, Iskra Lawrence and Julia Gillard. They were treated to incredible musical performances from Tom Walker (currently at No.1 in the UK album charts), Pixie Lott, Jack and Jack and Liam Payne!

We were very lucky to meet a few other celebrities who were involved in WE Day. Many of our pupils were featured on the ‘big screen’ during Pixie Lott’s performance and one pupil had a very close encounter with none other than Liam Payne! Dreams came true, tears were shed and minds were well and truly blown! To sum up our day, all that we can say, is a collective WOW!


On Meeting Prince Harry and Meghan, Mr. Church (Head of RS) commented:

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were incredibly gracious, warm and friendly towards our pupils. They put us all at ease and it was a real honour to talk to them! We had a bit of banter with Prince Harry regarding England’s loss in the rugby to Wales. He took it on the chin with good humour and wished us well for the grand-slam! He discussed how in London it was ‘Wales Week’ and then he spoke to our pupils at some length, regarding their incredible experience of winning the ‘Virgin Atlantic – Be the Change’ scholarship programme to help build a school in Rajasthan, India last summer. We gave Harry and Meghan a gift of a Welsh love spoon for the impending arrival of the little one and Meghan commented that it was very sweet of us. His royal highness concluding our meeting with thanking the pupils for their incredible work as global citizens and wished us a fantastic WE Day experience!”

Nicole Walker commented:

“It was amazing! I can’t believe that I was able to meet Prince Harry and Meghan as well as some other celebrities! It is definitely a day I will always remember. Now, my next goal is to volunteer for Women’s Aid RCT, then hopefully one day go on to speak at WE Day and share my story.”

 Lowri Morgan commented:

“An amazing and brilliant experience. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me!”



Some pupil reflections on WE Day:

“WE Day allowed me to realise the impact that us, as young people, possess on this world. The event was absolutely inspirational again. It allows me to believe that I can do anything and I can achieve anything!” – Ilayda Waters Year 12.


(Lowri Morgan, Conor Acteson, Mr. Church and Nicole Scherzinger, getting a surreal photo opportunity backstage!)

 “WE Day has inspired me to take action and raise awareness for something that I am passionate about and also to help many other charity organizations.”  – Arwen Bradwick Year 9

“It was amazing to hear the inspirational people sharing their stories, so that we can understand the real meaning behind the WE Movement. WE Day allowed me to realise that there are many issues worldwide that people are willing to help with. It encourages others to do like-wise and to believe in ourselves.” – Millie Thomas Year 9

“It is a brilliant prize for making the First Give School final! What an experience. It is so definitely worth it. An inspirational and very fun day.” – Abby Davies Year 13

“The inspirational and motivational speeches brought world problems to my attention that I never knew even existed. It makes me want to help more than ever!” # I AM ENOUGH – Georgia Parfitt Year 12


“What an absolutely incredible day, with fantastic celebrities and inspirational stories from brave and courageous people. Our day focused on giving yourself, mental health, inequality, gender and identity issues and saving our planet amongst others. These are crucial topics that need to be talked about by our generation!” – Alyssa Needs Year 9  

“Wow! Wow! Wow!”  – Delyth Morgan Year 10

“I am in love with Liam Payne! Thank you Sir!” – Talya Walstow Year 10

Mrs. Allen – Head of Drama/PSHE commented:

“It was an absolute pleasure to attend WE Day today and share Wembley Arena with such inspirational young people from around the UK. It is on days like this that my pride for young people is renewed and refreshed and it makes me very excited for their future and what could happen when they make positive choices about their lives.”

Mrs. Simonov – Literacy Development Officer commented:

“What a fantastic opportunity for our pupils, such an inspiring day with some incredible moments to reflect on; for which I am truly grateful to have been part of.”

Mr. Church, Lowri Morgan, Nicole Walker and Conor Acteson backstage at Wembley Arena, London with Prince Harry and Meghan!)

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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