Poverty survey 2018,

For the past three years, Children in Wales has conducted a workforce survey and published a report of our findings: ‘Child and Family Poverty in Wales: A snapshot of key issues raised by families’.   We are repeating the survey for 2017/18 to give us an up to date picture of poverty in Wales and to identify trends over the three year period.

Last year’s survey identified the most common poverty-related issued as:

  • Impact of Welfare Reform and associated changes to the benefit system
  • Housing (in relation to sufficiency and availability of social housing, and housing quality)
  • Impact of the Bedroom Tax or spare bedroom subsidy
  • Food Poverty (including the increase in the use of food banks)
  • Debt
  • Energy costs
  • Rising cost of living (including families struggling with everyday essential costs)

Common poverty-related problems were intensified for lone parent families, families with a disabled child or parent, large families and families living in rural communities.

We are keen to hear from you, to help us understand what are the main poverty-related issues currently facing children and families in Wales today and how much this has changed over the past year.

Please have your say by answering the following questions by 6 April 2018.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

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